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MAFS Australia viewers plead groom to not go through with wedding after it’s called off in show first

MAFS Australia viewers plead groom to not go through with wedding after it’s called off in show first

The couple didn't have the best of starts

Married at First Sight Australia viewers were left in shock when one couple's wedding was called off halfway through for the first time ever.

MAFS viewers were left begging groom Tim not to go ahead with his nuptials to bride Lucinda, after a freak incident caused concern on the big day.

Everything was going well until the pair met at the altar.

It was then that Tim started feeling some concerns and it became apparent that Lucinda wasn't really his usual type.

"She is a great-looking girl, she had a great smile and a great-looking dress," he told cameras.

However, he then added: "I am getting the sense that she is a spiritual energy type of person which is very different."

The wedding almost didn't happen.

But the wedding almost didn't go ahead at all, after a freak storm left guests running for cover.

And Tim wasn't at all mad about it.

"I was waiting for something to fall out the sky and hit me, it was like all my prayers had been answered. The first couple of drops I thought we could last this out, then when it just started belting with rain - everybody went nuts," said Tim.

Guests could be seen dashing out of their seats, as one said: "That better not be an omen," while another held onto a pregnant woman, adding: "She is going to have her baby!"

Utter chaos.

People were running for cover.

"Maybe it was the big fella up there just saying 'Hey take five', which I really appreciated," said Tim.

And people at home were begging Tim not to go ahead, with one commenting: "Well. The rain has spoken."

While another said: "Pathetic fallacy! #MAFSAU."

And a third added: "Lucinda's witchcraft caused a terrible change in the weather. This can not be a good omen!"

A fourth wrote: "Don't do it Sir."

Lucinda didn't seem phased at all, claiming the day was better than she even imagined.

"I think it is better, all the elements came out the rain and the wind. Apparently, it is good luck and I am rolling with that," she said.

By the time the wedding got restarted, Tim seemed to have had a bit of a change of heart.

"Nothing about this day has been normal but you can see that she has just got a great heart," he said.

Maybe it was just pre-wedding nerves then, Tim? We shall see!

MAFS Australia continues on Wednesday February 28 at 7.30pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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