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E4 Married at First Sight Australia viewers in shock as former groom appears in new series

E4 Married at First Sight Australia viewers in shock as former groom appears in new series

Viewers have rushed to social media to share their reactions

Married at First Sight Australia has left E4 viewers in total shock after a former groom rocked up to the brand-new series.

The hit reality TV show is just a few episodes in, which means fans are getting to know the contestants and watching them tie the knot.

However, earlier this week, the likes of none other than Mitch Eynaud left audiences completely stunned when appeared on the programme after previously being paired up Ella Ding in season nine who went on to dub him 'the worst guy she's ever dated'.

However, this time around, Mitch made an appearance on MAFS Australia, alongside his brother, Jayden, who was getting married on the show.

During the episode, he admitted: "I didn't trust the experiment and obviously looking back on it now, I wish I did trust it a bit more It was very difficult for me to open up and be myself and that's something I regret, but Jayden and I are very different... He's going to go all the way."

Jayden went on to assure that he is 'very different' to his older brother, adding:

"He's my brother, I love him to death, but when it comes to relationships we're very different."

Mitch surprised viewers after appearing on a recent episode of MAFS Australia.

Instead, Jayden - who was paired up with Eden Harper - claimed he was a big 'softy' and the total opposite of his 'smart a** brother'.

Viewers have since rushed to social media to share their reactions to Mitch's surprising appearance on the show.

One X, formerly Twitter, user hit out: "Can we focus less on Mitch, please? He’s had his go!"

"Good old Mitch spotted again," penned a second, while a third chimed in: "Of course Mitch had to be there…"

A fourth added: "I like these two. Please don’t be like Mitch, please don’t be like Mitch, please don’t be like Mitch..."

"It's not the Mitch show it's so annoying," commented a fifth, while someone else piped up: "Mitch is doing all he can to remain relevant past his season..."

Mitch's brother Jayden stars on the latest season of the show.

Another wondered: "OMG they aren’t going to put Mitch back into the show are they?"

Despite the whole Mitch frustration, viewers have clearly been loving the latest season to grace their screens.

"This is gonna be a great series," praised one X user.

A second quipped: "Buckle up folks, this season looks JUICY!!"

"Why am I already obsessed with the new season…?" asked a final viewer.

Married at First Sight Australia continues tonight at 7:30pm on E4 and streaming on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mnaud__/E4

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