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Viewers praise ‘underrated’ crime drama series as they compare it to True Detective

Viewers praise ‘underrated’ crime drama series as they compare it to True Detective

All four series are available to stream now, which is perfect news for any True Detective fans wanting to fill the void

It feels like we can’t get enough of crime thrillers at the moment, having binged our way through the likes of True Detective, Trigger Point and EVERY Harlan Coben adaptation we can get our hands on.

But once we've rattled through the twists and turns of one series, it often feels hard to fill the void again, worried our next fix won’t be anywhere near as gripping.

But if you’ve already worked your way through the Netflix Top 10 or wrapped up the last weekly instalment of a BBC murder caper, there’s no reason why you can’t take a moment to reflect on hits from the past that you may have missed.

Fans of True Detective were left gutted recently when the fourth season wrapped, having enjoyed watching Jodie Foster and Kali Reis solve a harrowing case against the eerie backdrop of a remote Alaskan town.

But there’s another show that might fit the bill, and it’s available to watch in FULL on Channel 4’s streaming site.

US crime thriller The Killing first dropped on AMC back in 2011, having since won a cult following of fans over the course of its four series – the most recent of which released by Netflix.

The Killing was originally released on AMC.

Starring Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman and Peter Sarsgaard, the ‘absorbing’ show follows two detectives as they attempt to untangle a ‘dark, twisting’ mystery after a 17-year-old girl is murdered in Seattle.

It's based on hit Scandi-noir series Forbrydelsen, which was set in Copenhagen, Denmark, and revolved around Detective Inspector Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl).

When the American adaptation first came to Channel 4, viewers were instantly ‘hooked’, saying it was the ‘best programme ever’ and that it was their ‘new TV series addiction’.

One tweeted: “I love a good bit of American drama me! Really enjoying The Killing on Channel 4! #thekilling.”

Another agreed: “#thekilling on Channel 4. brilliant show. enjoyed it like the old Prime Suspect series. Moody as hell!!”

Social media users say it's worth the watch!

Comparing it to another favourite, a third said: “Asked Google to suggest a detective series like True Detective with [intertwined] personal not just professional issues. It suggested The Killing I'm 3 episodes in."

Despite the high praise, the show has flown relatively under the radar.

When one Twitter user asked others to suggest the ‘most underrated TV series that barely anyone knows’, someone else said The Killing was ‘perfect’.

Another also previously said: “Years later and still, haven't come across anyone who has watched The Killing by AMC... y’all missing a lot...”

Luckily for you, all four seasons of The Killing are available to stream via Channel 4 now.

Featured Image Credit: AMC

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