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Big Brother fans baffled by glitch as housemate appears twice in one scene

Big Brother fans baffled by glitch as housemate appears twice in one scene

“Surely cloning yourself to resolve the love triangle is cheating..."

Big Brother fans have been left baffled after spotting a housemate appear twice in one scene.

See if you can spot the two Jordans below? It took us a moment...

Jordan has been the gift that keeps on giving in Big Brother, not least thanks to the drama he’s supplied with the all-out saga that is his love triangle with Henry and Matty.

While things seemed to be heating up with Matty at one point, it seems as though Henry’s the ultimate object of his affection – as proven over the weekend, when the pair were seen SNOGGING in the bedroom.

As most of the housemates slept, Jordan told Henry he wanted to tell him a ‘secret’, getting out of bed and planting a kiss on him before tucking back into his duvet.

We've all loved seeing the drama unfold.

“Can’t you come over here?” Jordan then asked.

Henry shuffled over to Jordan’s bed, where they kissed again.

“I can’t believe I kissed a Tory,” Jordan joked, as they kissed once more.

Jenkin later brought up the bedroom antics as a few of them hung out in the kitchen, asking if everyone had a ‘smooch’.

“No nothing happened, it’s because you know, we were a bit emotional… whatever happened I don’t remember,” Jordan said sheepishly.

A few moments later, Jenkin tells him: “There’s no harm in finding love in the Big Brother house guys.”

Jordan then muttered something about being ‘yet to find it’, but it didn’t look like anyone was convinced as he tried to play it cool.

But it’s not just his love life that has got tongues wagging over the past few days.

As some of us were watching on with our mouths on the floor as him and Henry shared a romantic moment in the bedroom, others were left scratching their heads by a shot of another equally shocking moment with Jordan – who was spotted walking around the house doing some cleaning.

Can you spot Jordan's clone?

That in itself may seem fairly surprising, but it’s more about what’s in the clip itself... Specifically, two Jordans.

“Why does Jordan appear TWICE in this ONE scene from last nights Big Brother?” one fan tweeted.

“My mind is boggled...”

Someone else didn’t see the issue, replying: “It's a reflection in the mirror?”

But another pointed out: “Omg I thought it was the mirror [you were referring] to but I now realise it's the sofa.”

Nope, we don't mean the Jordan in the mirror.

After realising the bizarre glitch – supposedly a slight editing slip-up – one Twitter user joked: “All the housemates are now Jordan.”

Another quipped: “Because Jordan would never do the cleaning so they hired a lookalike to clean while real Jordan lazed on the sofa.”

Referencing his ongoing situation with Henry, one said: “Surely cloning yourself to resolve the love triangle is cheating.”

Taking it one step further, someone else added: “Imagine he’s actually a twin and they are both in there. One is evil and the other is the one we fell in love with in the first couple of weeks.”

Stranger things have happened in Big Brother, surely...

Tyla has reached out to ITV, just to make confirm Jordan hasn't actually cloned himself.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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