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Fans make same demand after watching Netflix’s The Gentlemen series

Fans make same demand after watching Netflix’s The Gentlemen series

They've rushed to social media to make the request

There's been a whole lot of buzz online ever since the brand-new crime-drama series, The Gentlemen, dropped on Netflix.

The eight-part series, which has since been hailed as '10/10', hit the streaming platform just last week and has already gone down a right treat with viewers.

And the latest bit of chatter on social media sees Netflix viewers all making the exact same demand after watching the star-studded show.

Check out the official trailer for The Gentlemen here:

The Gentlemen stars The White Lotus' Theo James, Skins icon Kaya Scodelario and gangster movie veterans, Vinnie Jones and Ray Winstone.

The series follows the story of Eddie Horniman - played by James - who unexpectedly inherits a gigantic estate and the title of Duke of Halstead from his father.

Eddie soon finds himself embroiled in a world of criminality, getting involved in career criminal Bobby Glass’ (Winstone) industrial cannabis empire on the East End of London.

After binge-watching the entire series, fans are now clearly already on the hunt for their latest fix with many demanding a second season be made to satiate their appetites.

Netflix viewers have been demanding a second season of The Gentlemen.

"Loved it. Binge watched it all. Hopefully there is a series two," penned one Facebook user.

A second echoed: "Loved it series two now..."

"Two episodes to go," added a third. "So far it's been really good and I'm thinking it's being left open for a season two."

Netflix viewers have also rushed to X, formerly Twitter, sharing similar sentiments.

One user quipped: "I've just finished The Gentlemen and, frankly, this series is just crazy - the plot twists, the main duo... Can’t wait for season two!"

"The Gentlemen season two please!!!" wrote another, while someone else chimed in: "This show better get a season two, it's so f**king good and their chemistry and banter on screen is impeccable!"

People couldn't wait to share their praise for the crime-drama.

One user piped up: "The Gentlemen on Netflix is such a great watch honestly, like the chaos, wittiness and unpredictability of the plot is just so riveting, looking forward to season two of this madness!"

"Just finished binging The Gentlemen on Netflix brilliant show roll on season two," another called for, while one praised: "The Gentlemen was absolutely brilliant man they need to give us a season two!"

And, a final user gushed: "I just finished The Gentlemen. 15/10, so good. I hope they make a season two!"

Well, I guess we'll have to just wait and see...

The Gentlemen is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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