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Netflix fans all have the same complaint about drama series that makes it hard to watch

Netflix fans all have the same complaint about drama series that makes it hard to watch

Viewers vented their frustration all over social media

Netflix certainly knows how to give us something to talk about.

Two of their recent releases include Griselda, which follows Griselda Blanco’s rise to notoriety as a Miami druglord, and Supersex, which is a dramatisation of the life of Rocco Siffredi, a pornstar known as the 'godfather of rough sex'.

But the latest series that’s got everybody talking is The Gentlemen, a spin-off of the 2019 Guy Ritchie film.

The Gentlemen centres on Eddie (Theo James) who is catapulted into a life of crime after inheriting a large estate from his uncle, as well as the very grand title of Duke of Halstead - only to learn his land is being run by a gangster to house his weed-growing empire. Check out the trailer here:

As the series progresses, Eddie has to find a way to navigate coming face to face with criminals and keep his family safe in the process.

Whilst people have been loving James as Eddie, the same can’t be said for all of the characters.

Eddie has a problematic and cocaine-addicted older brother called Freddy (played by Daniel Ings) - who seems to be allergic to rational thinking.

Spoilers ahead - so you have been warned.

Netflix viewers are totally gushing over Theo James.

It’s discovered in episode one that Freddy is harbouring an £8 million debt to a drug dealer. Eddie attempts to sell his late father’s estate to settle it - and then finds out there is more than meets the eye when it comes to his land.

Realising selling his land is a no-go, Eddie instead tries to clear his brother’s name in other ways.

He sells a collection of expensive wines, while attempting to renegotiate the terms of his criminal deal.

Then Freddy bursts on the scene and commits a murder that causes even more problems.

And viewers were quick to vent their frustration all over social media.

Daniel Ings as Freddie in The Gentlemen.

One wrote: “Freddy is so frustrating, my goodness!”

Another said: “I’m watching “The Gentlemen” series on Netflix and I keep on having to pause it because Freddy is an absolute idiot.”

A third chimed in: “What a curse to have someone like Freddy as a brother.”


Ings has spoken out on why his character is the way he is, telling London.Live News: "There’s this sense that his younger brother, who’s always been the favourite son - and forgetting about their privilege and their wealth and their land and titles and all that stuff.

“Actually the fact of being someone who’s always kind of known that everybody prefers the younger sibling is fairly universal.”

He said that when the show dives into those family dynamics it 'tends to be in a way that you can understand their extreme reactions', adding that he was what he'd 'hoped' at least.

Despite the frustration, people are still loving The Gentlemen - so if you haven’t tuned in already, grab the popcorn.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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