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Fans brand 'hilarious' horror-comedy starring Pete Davidson 'a national treasure' as it lands on Netflix

Fans brand 'hilarious' horror-comedy starring Pete Davidson 'a national treasure' as it lands on Netflix

The outrageous star-studded feature film has caused quite a stir online

If you've got plans for a relatively 'dry' June, and are hoping to swap a night on the town for a cuddle on the couch this weekend, then boy, have we got the perfect addition to your next movie night.

And even better, the blockbuster blends more than one genre, making it the perfect mix for both horror fanatics and comedy fiends, meaning there will be no arguing over the remote.

Netflix subscribers have already had their pick of the mix when it comes to both knee-slapping feature films and spine-tingling hits in recent weeks.

Fans of '10/10' crime-thriller Colors of Evil: Red are warning others users that the movie is 'not for the faint hearted', with it's head-spinning plot twists seemingly giving them whiplash.

And viewers of The Black Phone were left 'unable to sleep' after watching the 'creepy' and 'unsettling' horror hit.

Whilst representing some of the recently-added funniest fixes on the streaming service are 'trashy' realities series House of Sims, which follows TOWIE's fan-favourite family as they embark on their move to the States.

Apparently, however, the newest addition to the service - which boasts a huge-name cast, including a much-loved Saturday Night Live star - could be giving the rest of the roster a run for it's money, after being branded a 'national treasure' by fans.

Pete Davidson appears in the horror hit. (A24)
Pete Davidson appears in the horror hit. (A24)

We are, of course, talking about 2022 silver-screen banger, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, a slapstick chiller starring US comedian Pete Davidson, as well as The Hunger Games' Amandla Stenberg and popular screenwriter Rachel Sennott.

In true slasher style, the film follows the terrifying tale of a group of 20-somethings, who become trapped in a remote mansion during a hurricane.

With nothing else to do except play games with one another, they get stuck into one called - you guessed it - 'Bodies, Bodies' Bodies', after which things take a turn for the worse.

Within a matter of minutes, a dead body winds up on the ground, before the group begin turning on one another in an attempt to find the killer among them.

And by the sounds of it, the film has already gone down a treat with viewers.

"Finally watched bodies bodies bodies and i literally love pete davidson so much," one gushed on social media this week.

Fans have dubbed the movie 'hilarious'. (A24)
Fans have dubbed the movie 'hilarious'. (A24)

Another went on: "Rachel Sennott's delivery of 'You're the murderer, I knew it!! YOU'RE SUCH A B***H!! YOU'RE SUCH A F*****G B***H!!!!!!' in Bodies Bodies Bodies is one of the best things to come out of cinema in the past few years".

"I finally saw Bodies Bodies Bodies and it was hilarious and Rachel Sennott is hilarious I wanna be friends with her," another admitted.

"Rachel sennott in bodies is a f*****g national treasure," a fourth claimed.

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