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Netflix viewers disappointed by 'trashy' new reality series after making hilarious realisation

Netflix viewers disappointed by 'trashy' new reality series after making hilarious realisation

The show centres on the lives of one of Essex's most famous families

Many telly-lovers - myself included - couldn't believe our ears when it was announced last year that a hoard of ex-TOWIE bombshells would be the central stars of a brand new reality series.

But alas, the news proved to be true and within a matter of months, House Of Sims - a Kardashians-esque peak into the lives of one of Essex most prolific families - was officially teased.

That's right, television producers commissioned a docu-reality series all about the life and loves of former ITVBe star Chloe Sims - as well as her siblings Demi, Charlie and Frankie - following their family's shock move from England's south coast to the huge-name hotspot of Hollywood.

The five-episode series sees these members of UK reality royalty attempt to adapt to a life in the glamorous high-heeled, chihuahua-littered spotlight of Los Angeles.

Viewers follow the Sims family as they attempt to battle paparazzi, wedding plans, transatlantic dating - and most of all, jet-lag - in their bid to 'make it' in the States.

Though the show first premiered on OnlyFansTV back in 2023, due to 'popular demand', House of Sims was adopted by Netflix earlier this year, and finally landed onto the streaming service this week.

And already, one of the stars of the show, Charlie, has teased a follow-up instalment last year, telling his Instagram followers in an exciting post before Christmas: "Locked in for our season 2 shoot date! Sept 19th."

The show stars TOWIE's Chloe Sims.

Despite some long-term TOWIE fans over the moon at the prospect of having more binge-worthy television to sit through, some viewers claim they've been left sorely disappointed - with one going as far as to brand it 'trash'.

"House of Sims.. I- [laughing emoji]," one wrote.

Another said: "This new House of Sims on Netflix is absolute trash sorry not sorry. They’re trying so hard to give us nothing!"

Meanwhile, a few were left totally blind-sided after hoping they'd be watching a series about The Sims video games.

"WTF (Why The F**k) is House of Sims?" one hilariously hit out. "I saw it as a new title on Netflix and thought it was something to do with the game, like live action SIMS / Sci-Fi kinda thing.

The show has sparked a mixed reaction.

"But no, is a family from Essex I have never heard of shouting at each other."

Another said: "I squealed when I logged into my Netflix and seen House of Sims and I thought it was about the game but no some reality TV star."

Other reality TV fanatics have been left pleasantly surprised by the new series, however - with one even claiming it gives Keeping Up With The Kardashians a run for its money.

"House of Sims is actually quite interesting. I've never ever watched TOWIE but watching the first episode of House of Sims is good. They're all so different and definitely not like The Kardashians. #HouseOfSims," one gushed.

Another penned: "#houseofsims is coming to Netflix, who will be watching? "Seeing #towie peeps out of their regular habit intrigues me".

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