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M&S defends 'skinny' Vogue Williams after she's cruelly bodyshamed by trolls

M&S defends 'skinny' Vogue Williams after she's cruelly bodyshamed by trolls

Despite looking absolutely incredible, Irish model Vogue Williams was body shamed on social media.

You’d think the days of body-shaming women in bikinis were over, right?

Sadly, it seems not as model Vogue Williams has been cruelly targeted by trolls after showcasing a range of swimsuits for M&S.

Though the high-street brand has defended the star, it proves just how impossible it is to be a woman whatever your size.

It’s after the mum-of-three shared an Instagram reel, showing off her recent family holiday and the supposedly offending swimwear.

During the short clip, Vogue talks about how comfortable her black scalloped swimsuit is before slipping into a royal blue bikini – which she styles with a white shirt and matching hat.

The Irish model was body shamed earlier this month.

Though she looks absolutely stunning, it wasn’t long before ‘skinny shamers’ started to attack the 37-year-old in the comments.

Among the hurtful remarks, one read ‘way too thin not a good look sorry,’ while another called the busy mum ‘painfully skinny’.

In one particularly cruel comment, a user wrote: “Jesus, it’s Skelator.”

However, high street store M&S soon leapt to her defence after similar comments appeared when they shared the advert.

In fact, the brand posted told users: “A kind reminder to our followers that we use our platform in a positive way.”

"We’re proud to represent and celebrate people of all shapes and sizes."

It continued: "We won’t tolerate any unkind or negative comments and anything unacceptable will be deleted. Let’s all continue to uplift one another. Love M&S."

Thankfully, Vogue’s other followers have been hyping her up after the brutal body shaming.

Vogue's other fans have also leapt to her defence.

One user even described her own experience of being body shamed as a thin woman, writing: “You look amazing Vogue, ignore the skinny shamers. Been a victim of it myself…”

Meanwhile, another praised the busy mum for how incredible she looked after having three children with her husband Spencer Matthews.

They wrote: “You look absolutely fantastic. What a figure after 3 kids! Lots of hard work. You and Spencer work out and eat right. Enjoy your vacation beauty…”

A third also reminded others that no two bodies are the same, as they replied to one of the trolls online.

“Everyone’s body is different,” they said. "You shouldn’t judge mine by the way you think it should be.”

It’s not surprising that Vogue’s one million fans have rushed to her defence, as the model has been a big advocate for body positivity in recent years.

Back in 2022, she told Sunday World: “Nobody is perfect and you certainly realise that ‘normal’ is not a word that we should use describing bodies – we’re all so different and that should be celebrated.”

Here’s hoping the body shammers go on holiday soon too.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@voguewilliams

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