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Vogue Williams discusses when she lost her virginity and people are divided

Vogue Williams discusses when she lost her virginity and people are divided

Vogue's candid chat about sex seriously divided opinions.

Vogue Williams has opened up about the time she lost her virginity and her fans aren't sure how to feel about the details.

The TV presenter and model got real about her sexual history in a recent podcast, spilling that there was a nine-year age gap between her and the first man she had sex with.

Vogue, who is now 36, revealed that she was 18 years old when she lost her virginity to a 27-year-old guy, and that she's still friends with him to this day.

Vogue, who is now married to Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, shared her story on Boots' new podcast Taboo Talk, and her co-stars had pretty differing opinions.

Chatting with comedian Russell Kane and Too Hot To Handle star Desiree Burch, she revealed: "The guy I was with was 27 and I was 18."

When she heard this, Desiree asked Vogue: "Were you that girl in high school where it was like, 'Oh she's dating a grown man'?

"I remember there was this girl in my school who was dating a 27-year-old and it's not until you're 30 you're like, 'Well that was f***ing crazy.'"

Vogue replied: "I know, [he was] picking me up in my school uniform. That was good for me because he kind of took the lead because I don't know if I would've-"

She was then cut off by Russell Kane, who joked: "Of course he did, the dirty b*****d."

The Irish TV star asked her co-hosts: "Oh my God, does that sound really bad?", to which Desiree assured her: "It's not uncommon.

Vogue divided opinions on the podcast.

"You were the hot girl in your high school, congratulations, but also looking back on it, you're like, 'that's bats**t insane'. What was that guy doing at 27 being like, 'She's 18 this is totally cool'?

"Do you look at that guy now and go, 'Oh he was a total social misfit actually if I think back on it', or was he fine?"

The mum-of-three assured them: "No he's actually quite fine and I'd still know him now. We're not mates but we still live in the same area and I still kind of know him."

Vogue's revelation comes soon after she stirred up some serious controversy over a story about her recent travels.

Speaking on the Spencer and Vogue podcast, she had complained about a plane passenger who refused to swap seats with her so she could be closer to her family.

“I was sitting in a row of three, and Spenny and Gina were in the other seat. So they were in the aisle seat and the middle seat so we were almost in a five," she said.

The media personality then explained that the passenger only agreed to swap seats when he realised he was making things difficult for the children.

Williams added: "Anyway, when he realised he was being an absolute t**t, because he looked at me with a newborn baby and the two kids beside me he was like, ‘okay, fine, I’ll do it.’"

"The air hostess came down and I was like, ‘would you have another aisle seat for this f**king particular piece of s**t over here?’ He was awful, awful."

The story landed Vogue in some seriously hot water with fans, and was forced to tell listeners that it was simply a "joke that definitely didn't land."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@voguewilliams

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