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Body confident woman says she’s proudly ‘fat and hot’

Body confident woman says she’s proudly ‘fat and hot’

She wants people to know that it is possible to be both fat and hot

A body confident TikToker has said that she's proudly 'fat and hot', and now she's encouraging other people to love their bodies as they are.

Bubbles, a 24-year-old from Louisiana, who makes content under the handle @bubblesworlddd, wants people to know that is possible to be 'fat' and 'hot' and her audience love it.

In one popular video, which she captioned 'stop letting the opinions of other people hold you back babe', she showed that plus-size people can be sexually attractive too.

Sharing a video of herself posing, she overlayed the video with captions that read: "Daily reminder: you can be fat AND hot.

"And you can't tell me otherwise."

The video was accompanied by the hashtags: "#plussize, #fatisbeautiful and #bodypositivity."

Fans of the 24-year-old were quick to praise her for her important message, with one writing: "PREACH IT GORGEOUS."

"When watching this, I didn’t need a reminder," praised a second while a third wrote: "Your [sic] not fat queen you just hella unique and beautiful."

Bubbles' confidence hasn't gone unnoticed on the platform, and at the time of writing, over 32K people have followed her for more body positive messages.

In another TikTok, she reacts to two phrases that she 'just won't stand for' - namely, 'ur fat' and 'ur ugly'.

Responding to the video, one of Bubbles' fans emphasised her message, adding: "Two very different things."

Bubbles wants people to know that being fat is not ugly.
TikTok / @bubblesworlddd

While people often associate 'fat' with being a negative thing, Bubbles has fully embraced it as part of her one-woman body positivity movement.

In a video of herself in a black dress, she wrote: "I love when fat women dress how they want."

She added in another video: "WARNING: You've come across a fat girl who is completely in love with herself."

And when bringing up the topic of dating as a plus size woman, Bubbles wrote in her video that while some men assume larger girls expect less, she actually has higher standards than some people might think.

She added: "Who put the idea in guys heads that just because we're bigger we're going to settle for less" before revealing: "as a BIG girl I expect MORE."

And there is absolutely no place for body shaming on Bubbles' page, as the creator deletes any body shaming comments that she gets, as per the New York Post.

If you'd like Bubbles' inspiring message on your For You page, you can keep up with her on TikTok.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/bubblesworlddd

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