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Love Island star Laura Anderson hits back at ‘vile’ pregnancy trolls ahead of due date

Love Island star Laura Anderson hits back at ‘vile’ pregnancy trolls ahead of due date

The Islander has opened up about the avalanche of pregnancy comments

Love Island star Laura Anderson has hit back at 'vile' pregnancy trolls ahead of her due date.

The former Islander, who was the runner-up on the fourth series of show, first announced she was expecting back in February of this year with actor Gary Lucy, who she has since split up with.

The 34-year-old has since been made to respond to an avalanche of comments from people slamming her for 'milking' her pregnancy that is allegedly taking 'forever'. Check it out:

Laura took to Instagram on Tuesday (15 August) to share with her 1.5 million followers her baby bump skincare routine she keeps up with during her 'crazy pregnancy journey'.

While many showered the expecting star with praise, many took it upon themselves to find an issue with the ex-Islander over a situation she quite literally has zero control over.

One Instagram user commented: "Oh my god!!! How much longer!"

"I feel like this is the longest pregnancy ever," hit out a second. "When are you due?"

A third even went as far as to claim Laura was 'milking it'.

"Oh, it seems like you’ve been pregnant forever…" penned a fourth, while a fifth echoed: "Blimey you’ve been pregnant for forever."

Laura Anderson has hit back at trolls.

Clearly having enough of the ludicrous comments, Laura responded: "Can everyone stop telling me I’ve been pregnant forever it’s really annoying!"

Many others, however, supported the soon-to-be mum and her journey.

"Yeah I can imagine it’s very repetitive and boring to hear over & over!" sympathised one Instagram user. "Some pregnancies seem to fly by and others don’t, don’t see people’s issue."

A second offered: "Ffs stop telling her that. She told everyone early before it got leaked. That's why she seems like she's been pregnant 'forever' btw you can't be pregnant 'forever or years' - idiots."

A fair point indeed.

Thankful for the support, Laura replied: "Thank you!

Laura opened up about being 'trolled' throughout her pregnancy journey.

"It’s been public knowledge for 6 months you’re pregnant for 10. Having a day of I cannot be assed with tools on Instagram."

Laura, who was also on Celebs Go Dating, continued: "I got trolled at the start of my pregnancy now weird a** comments at the end.

"People are vile, I’m just living my life grrrrrrr."

The TV personality is expecting her first child in August.

Laura previously revealed in OK! Magazine: "Raising my baby predominantly by myself is scaring me - I'm worried I will do something wrong.

"Being responsible for someone else is quite a big thing.

“I am going to be with her most of the time - obviously her dad [Gary] will be involved - but there's just a lot of decisions to make throughout her life, it's scary to think the choices I make will have an impact on her whole life."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lauraanderson1x

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