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Laura Anderson hits back after being mum-shamed for letting newborn daughter ‘cry it out’

Laura Anderson hits back after being mum-shamed for letting newborn daughter ‘cry it out’

Taking to social media, the new mum explained how she'd taken a breather after struggling to get her daughter to sleep.

Laura Anderson has hit back after being mum-shamed for letting her newborn daughter ‘cry it out’.

The ex-Love Islander has opened up about the realities of being a new mum, having given birth to daughter Bonnie Rose just a couple of weeks ago.

Despite her only being a parent for three weeks, it didn’t stop fans from having a go at the former air steward.

In a brutally honest Instagram story, the 32-year-old opened up about struggling to get her young daughter to settle and deciding to let her ‘cry it out’.

She wrote: “What a day and it's not even over. Not one nap longer than 20 minutes and fed every hour. I've had to let Bonnie cry it out as I'm out of ideas.

“3 weeks today, wow what a turn from angel child….,” she wrote, adding a devil emoji.

The ex-Love Islander shares baby Bonnie with actor Gary Lucy.

Exhausted, the new mum shared a photo of her bouncing baby girl and joked: “Who's idea was it to have a baby.”

While most new mums will empathise with her, it didn’t stop some fans from hitting out at the former Love Island contestant.

Understandably, Laura was eager to defend her parenting decision and explained why she’d taken a breather in a pointed follow-up story.

Sharing her response and a photo of herself soaking in the tub, the Celebs Go Dating star told fans to ‘chill’.

Laura Anderson was brutally honest about being a new mum.

“When I say cry it out I meant about 2.5 seconds so I could think of another solution as it was the first time she's cried so hard and I wasn't able to quickly rectify, chill peeps”, the new mum explained.

The TV personality then revealed how her daughter had struggled to settle and that it had been a tiring day for mum and baby.

Continuing, she added: “She skipped a nap and was overtired so it just spiralled. Tomorrow is a new day. Currently unblocking milk ducts in the bath woo!”

Though it’s pretty understandable, this isn’t the first time Laura has been mum-shamed despite only giving birth just three weeks ago.

In a follow up story, the Love Islander defended her decision.

Earlier this month, the 32-year-old uploaded her daughter’s adorable nursery only to be trolled with nasty comments.

Though the ‘dreamy’ room is undoubtedly adorable, some people still decided to lash out over ridiculous little details such as her changing mat. (Yes, really).

There’s also been an intense backlash after the new-mum shared a beautiful photo of her breastfeeding her newborn on social media.

Whilst the rest of the world may be hitting out at the new mum, we think Laura is doing an amazing job!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lauraanderson1x

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