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Gary Lucy reveals that he's having a baby girl with ex Laura Anderson

Gary Lucy reveals that he's having a baby girl with ex Laura Anderson

Laura hasn't said yet commented on the baby's gender.

Gary Lucy has publicly revealed the gender of his baby with ex-girlfriend Laura Anderson - though Laura has yet to comment on the announcement.

Tensions have been high between Gary and Laura ever since they announced their split.

While Gary, who was first to announce the split, claimed he ended things because he didn't want to move to Scotland with the Love Island star, Laura assured fans that that wasn't the case.

Laura and Gary are expecting a baby girl.

Now, it looks like Gary is taking the lead once again, taking it upon himself to share the news that he and Laura will be having a little girl.

The Hollyoaks actor took to Instagram on Thursday (23 March), sharing a picture of a pink cartoon crown sitting on the words 'Daddy's Girl'.

It was then followed by a picture of the baby scan and the words: "For everyone that's been asking... let's hope she inherits her Mummy's looks."

In the caption he wrote: "Thanks for all the lovely messages from everyone... so excited to meet my little baby bear soon!"

At the time of writing, Laura has not yet commented on Gary's announcement or made her own.


Last month, Laura told followers that she was 'definitely not' on good terms with Gary after their split.

The former couple, who went public last Christmas, announced in February that they were expecting a child together.

But just one week later, the pair confirmed that they had decided to go their separate ways.

During a Q&A session, Laura refused to get into the finer details, but assured fans that she never expected Gary to move to Scotland.

"I really don't want to get into this, there's loads of reasons, you know, the truth always comes out in the end, whatever. But I definitely did not tell Gary to move to Scotland," she said.

"I totally get the investment and the fact that people have watched us get together on a TV show, but it is edited, there is music on there, there were things left out.

"Even just Instagram and stuff like that, even more recently, things that have been posted... it's just not like that.

The pair originally met on E4's Celebs Go Dating.

"I do appreciate the love from afar and the support but it's... things are not always what they seem."

Laura and Gary first met last year on an episode of Celebs Go Dating and, at first, it looked like a match made in heaven.

But unfortunately, for this couple, it just wasn't meant to be.

Featured Image Credit: @garylucy/Instagram

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