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Katie Price slammed by furious fans after she 'hits' new puppy

Katie Price slammed by furious fans after she 'hits' new puppy

The social media star has been called out yet again regarding her pets

Outraged fans have called out Katie Price for allegedly 'hitting' her new puppy on a recent TikTok live.

In the video, Price can be seen with her newest pet, a young German Shepherd puppy named Tank, who she bought following the death of her protection dog, Blade.

Back in June, she was left ‘numb and shocked’ when Blade was tragically killed after being hit by a car and later found on the side of a road.

The reality TV star announced the sad news on Instagram a few months (5 June), sharing with her 2.6 million followers: "Words [sic] can’t express the lost of my best friend my protector my absolutely everything who had sadly passed away today.

"I have no words to say how I’m feeling but numb and shocked rip Blade."

Price had also lost her Pomeranian, Sharon, in November after it escaped onto a busy road and was struck by a car – a similar fate that also met Alsatians Sparkle in 2020 and Queenie in 2018.

And, in July 2020, puppy Rolo died just three weeks after being given to Price's daughter Princess as a gift for her 13th birthday, having passed away from suffocation.

A petition was then launched back in 2020, calling for her to be banned from owning animals altogether.

As of writing, the petition has gained over 35,000 signatures.

Price appears to 'hit' her dog Tank in a TikTok live video.

When her fans suggested that she shouldn't have pets, the former glamour model responded to the claims, saying that the RSPCA had been to her home and deemed it suitable for animals.

But the latest criticism against the mum-of-five comes after the purchase of Tank, who was reportedly bought earlier this month.

In the TikTok live, Price can allegedly be seen giving the pup a smack after telling him 'get off' her clothes, The Sun reports.

"You're sitting on my jumpers, my love jumpers that I love. Get off," she can be heard saying.

Adding: "Jesus Christ... Anyway, as I was saying..."

Viewers claimed that a smacking noise can be heard while the pooch was off-camera.

"It's hectic in here." she then says, laughing.

And viewers were quick to react to the alleged incident in the comments.

Price with her dog Blade.

One asked: "Did she just hit her dog?"

And another commented: "Omggggg."

So far, Price has not publicly responded to the claims.

Tyla has reached out to Katie Price's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@katieprice

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