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Katie Price buys another puppy after death of seven pets

Katie Price buys another puppy after death of seven pets

Katie has reportedly bought a new German Shepherd pup despite the recent loss of a dog

Katie Price has bought another new puppy after the death of seven previous pets, according to a source.

The 45-year-old is a well-known animal lover, having kept all kinds of creatures over the years.

A lot of us will remember her old Perfect Ponies books from the 00’s.

But her track record with real animals hasn’t been the best, with at least seven of her previous pets dying over the years.

In recent months, Katie was left ‘numb and shocked’ when her beloved protection dog, Blade, was killed.

The German Shepherd was killed after being hit by a car and was later found on the side of the road.

Katie announced the news on Instagram, writing: “Words [sic] can’t express the lost of my best friend my protector my absolutely everything who had sadly passed away today.”

Over the weekend, the mum-of-five reportedly bought a new young German Shepherd and named it Tank.

Katie and her pup Sid.

A source told The Sun: “Katie is well aware that there's strong feelings towards her and pet ownership. The pup is still too young to leave the house, but Katie is keen to keep Tank on the down low for now.

"She was heartbroken after Blade's death and is determined to keep Tank safe. In time, it could grow into her new protection dog and fill the void left by Blade.

"Katie has always lived by her own rules and she's adamant she'll prove her critics wrong and give Tank a loving home."

This new pup comes after a petition to stop Katie from buying more animals hit over 35,000 signatures.

The death of Blade came just several months after another of the star’s dogs was killed on the same road.

Katie Price with late dog Blade.

Sharon the Pomeranian was also found on the A24 and taken to Arun Vets in West Sussex, who went on to confirm she had sadly died.

As well as a horse’s death in 2017, Katie’s Alsatian, Queenie, died in 2018 after being hit by a delivery driver.

There are also even smaller pets of the model who have passed away like the chameleon, Marvin. He died ‘of a broken heart’ after Katie’s children, Junior and Princess, went to stay with her ex-husband Peter Andre.

In 2020, there was the death of another Alsatian, Sparkle, who was also allegedly hit by a car.

And then her French Bulldog pup Rolo died after being suffocated.

With a string of pet deaths over the years, the petition aims to stop Katie from owning any more.

The petition claims: “Animals just go missing in her home never to be seen again.”

It concluded: “We need to stop this now, no more animals need to die.”

TYLA has reached out to Price's reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@katieprice

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