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Katie Price reveals her real name as she questions her mum's decision

Katie Price reveals her real name as she questions her mum's decision

She opened up about the origins of her real name

Katie Price has become a household name in the UK ever since she first skyrocketed to fame for glamour modelling work on The Sun under the pseudonym Jordan.

She later went on to famously take part in I'm A Celebrity back in 2004, where she met her now ex-husband Peter Andre.

However, Katie Price is not actually her real name with the social media star recently revealing her actual one while questioning her mum's choice of moniker.

The mum-of-five admitted she opted for the name Jordan at the start of her 'because it sounded catchier than Katie'.

She also confessed she switched her name as a means of protecting her family, namely her mum adding: "She didn’t want people to know I was her daughter."

Well, it may come as news to you that Katie's birth name is actually Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield, which has a Greek influence.

The long name includes Katie's father's surname, Infield, however he left when she was four and she later changed her name to Price after her stepdad, Paul.

The 45-year-old sat down with Guardian restaurant critic, Grace Dent, on her Comfort Food podcast to discuss her real name and the influence behind it.

Katie Price opened up about her real name.

"What the hell was my mum on?" she said.

Elsewhere in the podcast, Katie said she felt 'very underestimated' by the public, adding: "Because, you never hear about the stuff I do for charity, you never hear that I compete on my horses, you never hear about me walking all the dogs, you never hear what I do with all the family."

She continued: "There’s such a different side and I’m actually quite boring, I’m such a homely person. I love being at home."

Grace then interjected: "What you’re saying is there’s a cosiness about you that people don’t see or know."

Katie was previously married to Peter Andre.
Fred Duval / Contributor / Getty Images

Katie then revealed what she reckons is the one thing people most misjudge her for.

"I think people think I’m proper damaged goods," she replied. "But I would say I’m a survivor. I’ve had a colourful life, but the sad thing is a lot of people these days, they know Katie Price, but they don’t know my Jordan days."

Katie continued: "And I don’t think a lot of people realise I’ve done a hell of a lot in my life, seen a lot, good things, worked a lot, but I’m still humble and down to earth."

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