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Everyone's Saying The Same Thing About Rihanna's Maternity Outfit

Everyone's Saying The Same Thing About Rihanna's Maternity Outfit

If anyone call pull off such a look, it’s our gal RiRi.

The world was collectively thrilled when Rihanna announced on Monday that she’s expecting her first child.

The pop icon, 33, confirmed the news while out on a walk in Harlem, New York City, with her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky.

And in true Fenty fashion, Rihanna announced the news with a look that we’re all obsessed with.

Rihanna has previously expressed interest in starting a family (

The Diamond singer rocked a fuchsia pink Chanel coat, which she wore unbuttoned to show off her baby bump, and a pair of ripped jeans.

And people were quick to comment on the unique and bold maternity look - with the jeans in particular getting a lot of attention.

Some concerned about the practicality of her long ripped jeans by Vetements, which seemed to cover her feet.

Rihanna's look was divisive (

“Rihanna sweetie please cut the jeans,” quipped one fan.

“So was no one concerned about Rihanna’s jeans dragging on the dirty wet ground," asked a second, while a third said: “I’m ‘oh my god Rihanna looks amazing but someone please fix those jeans they’re a trip hazard’ years old.”

It appears not everyone was the fan of the overlong jeans, which hid her shoes.

"I can’t even be happy for Rihanna rn, I keep thinking about them jeans," one person said.

"Why are Rihanna’s jeans like that in those photos, girl is dragging them," added another.

Rihanna's jeans weren't loved by all (

"Rihanna definitely doesn’t care about her jeans," a third said.

However, some people didn't seem to mind the over-long denim.

“The body jewellery, the Chanel coat, their blue and pink outfits. Only Rihanna would be walking around unveiling her belly in a snowstorm,” one person gushed.

Rihanna unveiled she was pregnant (

“I literally got nothing done today because I was so entranced by Rihanna’s baby reveal outfit,” agreed a second person.

“The way Rihanna debuted this pregnancy was so on brand, a street style pic in a cool and original outfit mixing in iconic archival pieces that showcase the bump, so so on brand,” analysed a third fan.

However, others did think Rihanna may have been a little cold, considering it was snowing in New York when she announced her pregnancy.

Rihanna's pregnancy look is iconic (

“Anyways congrats to Rihanna but the Caribbean in me is saying she needs to button that jacket before she catch cold,” one fan said.

“It’s cold, why doesn’t Rihanna's baby have a coat on?” asked a second.

A third joked: “Congratulations to Rihanna and Rocky but please cover up, it's cold as hell.”

Whether you’re a fan of the look or not, you can’t deny Rihanna rocked it...

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