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14 Reasons You Absolutely Have To Visit New York City

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14 Reasons You Absolutely Have To Visit New York City

Everyone claims that whenever they visit New York, they get hooked; they catch the NYC bug, but it is so true! The view from Rockefeller Centre, the feeling you get walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, the heart-racing pulse from walking up 5th avenue and the sense of peacefulness whilst sitting in Central Park are just a few reasons why you should visit this incredible city.


1. Grand Central Station. New York literally has the best tourist attractions to offer, and what makes it even more amazing is that every street looks like a movie set. Especially when you're inside Grand Central Station (I'm sure we all remember the scene from Madagascar, and Serena's infamous return in Gossip Girl?!). The building is stunning and worth a visit even if you're not looking for a train.


2. The incredible Broadway shows. The list in honestly endless: from Wicked and Mamma Mia to Hairspray and The Lion King, it's hard not to find something that interests you. The costumes, the theatre and the experience alone should make you want to quit life and pack your bags to move to NYC.

3. 9/11 Memorial. We're all aware of how much the devastating event impacted the city, but this memorial shows how strong New York-ers are. They've built a cultural and beautiful monument to commemorate the lives of those who were involved. The waterfall itself is just so peaceful that you forget you're in the middle of one of the busiest cities.

4. Skyscrapers. "Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York!" Yup, Alicia Keys knew what she was talking about with this one! The height of (most!) buildings in NYC is incredible.


5. The Statue of Liberty. Ah, the Lady herself! Staring at the symbol of hope and freedom gives you some sense of excitement and its an incredible monument. AND, what makes it better is that it is on its own little island, that you get a boat out to see. AND, you get to climb all the way up to her crown. Yup, you get to be inside Lady Liberty (... in a non creepy way obvz).

6. The Hotels. Seriously, you've not lived until you pretend you're rich in New York and walk into a fancy hotel. The ceilings, the floors, the walls... EVERYTHING is SO fancy. Obviously you'd need to sell a member of your family in order to stay in one, but a gal can dream...

7. Central Park.

One of the main reasons to go to the city....is well, to leave the city. Central Park offers peace and quiet from the bustling streets of New York. Sometimes it's nice to grab a coffee and just stroll the (massive) park.


8. The view from Rockefeller Centre. Now I know everyone says that the Empire State building gives you the best views...but why not go to the second tallest building to get a view of the tallest building and everything that lies beneath it? Seriously, standing up here makes you feel like both a giant and an ant at the same time: everything below you seems tiny, but the buildings are super tall.

9. The Views. New York looks absolutely stunning from any angle. You really do feel on top of the world when you're that high up.


10. The Empire State Building. As if any New York list couldn't feature this guy?! The original skyscraper.

11. Times Square. We've all seen it in the movies, and in real life it does not disappoint. It's bright, loud and it's busy...yet it's amazing. There is so much energy and life flowing through Times Square you start to understand why New York is called the city that never sleeps.


12. Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Centre. Because every gal dreams of being in a Christmas rom-com, holding hands & skating with their bae.

13. The Food. OMG. On this reason alone you should visit NYC right now. From the hot dog stands in the street to the numerous pizza shops in Little Italy Or the noodle bars in Chinatown or to visit Magnolia Bakery (the one from SATC!) The food is INCREDIBLE.

undefined14. The view from the Brooklyn Bridge. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge for a view of Manhattan should be No.1 on your list. The experience is just out of this world.

Written by Eve Macdonald

Topics: travel

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