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Students left stunned after receiving hilarious FaceTime from Prince William

Students left stunned after receiving hilarious FaceTime from Prince William

Prince William called the teenagers while visiting one of their mums at an ambulance station in Ipswich.

He may be next in line to the throne, but that hasn’t stopped Prince William from picking up the phone.

One boy got the surprise of his life when he answered the phone to find the Royal on the other end of the line during his lunch break at sixth form.

The prince had been visiting the unnamed boy’s mum and other paramedics at an ambulance station in Ipswich on Friday when he decided to surprise the youngsters.

The sixth former and his friends were in total shock but one of them, Hannah Wickison, 18, decided to record the incredible moment.

She explained: "A friend's mum called him whilst he was visiting her at work and he was on the other end of the line.

"We were all just so shocked and didn't expect it, completely speechless."

She also revealed that while everyone else was on their best behaviour, the Prince of Wales used the unexpected moment to give the teenagers a right royal ribbing.

Prince William teased the teenagers.

“We were just laughing at everything he was saying as we didn't know what to say,” she said.

He even teased another redhead in the group, as he spoke with the teenagers during lunch.

"He asked us if we were friends with Ed Sheeran as one of our friends has red hair,” she said, with William also teasing others in the group.

“Who’s the guy in the corner?” the prince asked the group, laughing loudly as the camera was quickly whizzed around the table.

However, William wasn’t quite done teasing the teens.

“Are you lot doing any work then?” he joked, as he spotted the various meal deals which were scattered about.

The hilarious moment was even caught on camera, which Hannah later uploaded to social media.

William made fun of a fellow redhead.

Despite being less than 30 seconds long, the short clip went viral in a matter of hours with over 600,000 views so far on TikTok.

"It was just really unexpected, the things he was saying - you just don't really think they'll have a joke with you I guess,” Hannah admitted, as she spoke about the incident.

The Prince also grabbed a bite to eat during the impromptu call, as he was fed cake from the unnamed boy’s mum.

Sadly, it wasn’t fit for royalty, with Prince William telling the teens it was 'not very good'.

"He said he'd tried her cake and told her she wouldn't win Bake Off,” Hannah revealed, with Prince William showing the lacklustre sponge on camera.

The prince wasn't a fan of the cake he'd been fed.

As the brief call ended, the teens were still in shock.

"We ended the call and had some lunch left and we all just sat there in silence, completely speechless, processing everything,” Hannah said, with the Colchester teen adding that some of the group weren’t even sure the call wasn’t a deep fake.

She said: "Some people didn't think it was real and they thought it was a filter of him! Yeah, I won't forget that for a long time."

Here’s hoping the gang get a sit down lunch rather than a meal deal next time they meet Prince William.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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