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Prince Harry and William 'shared surprising conversation' on Harry’s birthday last week

Prince Harry and William 'shared surprising conversation' on Harry’s birthday last week

The brothers' relationship has come under strain in recent years.

Princes William and Harry reportedly shared a ‘surprising’ exchange on the Duke of Sussex’s birthday last week.

The two brothers, whose relationship has been strained following Harry’s move to the US and subsequent Oprah Winfrey interview, were reunited in the UK earlier this month after a long estrangement.

Harry and Meghan were forced to prolong their working visit to mark the sudden death of the Queen on 8 September, and have joined William and Kate in royal duties in the days that have followed. 

Harry and William were reunited in Windsor following the death of the Queen.
Jamie Lorriman / Alamy Stock Photo

Last Thursday, the two royals allegedly shared an ‘unexpected chat’ while passing each other in their cars in Windsor. 

William had just picked up his three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, from school when he passed Harry on the opposite side of the road, according to reports. 

William, who recently moved his young family from London to Windsor, is said to have reversed his car and dropped down the window to have a quick chat with his younger brother on the day of his birthday.

The princes stood shoulder to shoulder in Westminster Hall to hold a vigil by the Queen's coffin.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

According to The Sunday Times the brothers drove past each other but then stopped, reversed, wound down their windows and chatted for a while.

Though the gesture might sound insignificant in the grand scheme of things, insiders say it shows a level of warmth and solidarity after a difficult few years, during an incredibly sad time for the brothers who have now lost their grandmother. 

Just a few days later, we saw the princes put their differences aside to take part in a touching vigil to honour their late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, along with the rest of her grandchildren. 

Prince William recently located his young family to Windsor.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

William led the line-up as all eight royals walked into London’s Westminster Hall.

However, even after their displays of cordiality, it seems as though their relationship could still be on the rocks. The news outlet also reported that sources close to William say the prince’s attention is not currently focused on repairing his relationship with his brother. 

Instead, he is “solely focused on doing what is right to honour the Queen,” they added. “[He is] processing his grief and the death of his grandmother, rather than sitting there processing his relationship with Harry.”

The brothers’ reunion came just days before the royal family assembled for the Queen’s funeral at London’s Westminster Abbey.

Featured Image Credit: Guy Corbishley / Scott Garfitt / Alamy Stock Photo

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