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Peter Andre left horrified after house was struck by lightning while he was inside

Peter Andre left horrified after house was struck by lightning while he was inside

He reassured fans that he and his family were all OK

Peter Andre has shared shocking footage of the damage sustained at his home after it was struck by lighting - you can see the video here:

The 49-year-old singer reassured his fans that he and his family were unhurt following the incident on Sunday night, but that 15-year-old Princess, who was at home with him at the time, did let out an almighty scream.

In a post shared on Instagram, Peter panned across his property showing a cracked chimney and numerous bricks lying on the lawn.

In the clip, Peter says: “Alright, the house has been struck by lightning. Flipping heck. Holy heck,” while in the background alarms and thunder can be heard.

Alongside the video, he wrote: “Our house just got struck by lightning. The loudest thing I’ve ever heard. Alarms going off. This is mad. Thank God Princess is ok. Although [I] don't know what was louder, her scream or the roof.”

Replying to the post, Andre’s wife Emily commented: “I’m just so glad you are all ok. Typical the one week I am away this happens.”

The post was flooded with messages of support and good wishes from his friends and followers, with one posting: “Thank god you’re both ok! So scary! Bless you! So sorry to hear this has happened to you.”

Peter Andre revealed the damage caused by the storm.

Another commented: “Oh no! Glad no one's hurt. Hope you get someone round to make it safe.”

While a third said: “Omg I bet that was so scary, thank God none of you were hurt, stay safe lovely, get a structural engineer out.”

Earlier this year, the father-of-four revealed that seeing his daughter grow up into a ‘beautiful young lady’ has left him feeling ‘scared’ for the future.

Writing in his new! magazine column back in August, he explained: "Princess is so beautiful and she’s suddenly gone from looking like a kid to a young lady.

Peter with Princess.

“It scares me but in a good way. We have a proper laugh now and it’s exciting watching her and Junior grow up."

Peter shares Princess and her older brother Junior, 17, with his ex-wife Katie Price - he is also father to Amelia, eight, and Theo, five, with his second wife.

Despite his shock at how quickly she’s growing up, Peter told fans last year that he would be happy for Princess to become a Love Island star one day - under one condition.

Writing in another edition of his column, he revealed: “Princess has said she wants to do Love Island but I still haven't changed my mind about that.

“Presenting it? Yes. A contestant? Not so sure!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/peterandre

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