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Matty Healy is apparently full of surprises as she shocked fans by planting a kiss on a crowd safety worker at a recent show in Denmark.

The musician, who performed with his band The 1975 at the 2023 NorthSide Festival last week, touched lips with the security guard while performing the song ‘Robbers’.

The 34-year-old knelt down by the side of the stage and asked the security guard: “Wanna kiss me?” just before they kissed.

Matty Healy shared an intimate moment with a security guard.
Twitter/@EmChrisL/PA Wire

Screams and cheering erupted from the crowd as the recently smooched staff member grinned and lifted his arms in the air with a big smile on his face.

Footage of the encounter was shared on Twitter and TikTok and fans online are just as excited by the moment.

Emilie Christine, who was at the show and filmed the kiss, said it has become tradition for Healy to kiss a fan while performing the song ‘Robbers’.

“Matty has for a long time been kissing fans from the crowd during the song, but since it has been a while since he last did it, it came as a surprise to most I think,” the 22-year-old, who lives in Aarhus, told PA.

“The crowd was screaming and cheering because it’s such an iconic part of the performance.”

“I don’t think the kiss adds or takes from their performance necessarily,” she added.

Fans online are obsessed with the kiss.
Twitter/@EmChrisL/PA Wire

“It’s cool and fun when it does happen but they are just as interesting, entertaining and important without it.”

The kiss has gone viral on social media, with countless users commenting on Healy's rumoured relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift.

“Wait till Swifties see that,” one fan commented under the kiss video on TikTok.

"i think at this point matty healy has kissed more men than taylor swift has," another added.

“OH MY GOD I AM NOT OK HIS SMILE SO CUTE,” one viewer gushed.

A fourth fan declared: “I’m so sorry this is the most attractive thing I’ve ever seen.”

It seems the security guard also has a bunch of new internet admirers as one person confessed: “I’m officially obsessed with the security dude.”

When fans aren't watching clips of Healy kissing people at concerts, they're obsessing over him and Taylor Swift.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@EmChrisL/PA Wire

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