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Kim Kardashian Divides Fans After Wearing Another Marilyn Monroe Dress

Kim Kardashian Divides Fans After Wearing Another Marilyn Monroe Dress

Kim's second Marilyn dress stirred up trouble

Kim Kardashian has seriously divided her fans after revealing yet another Marilyn Monroe dress that she wore in celebration of this year's Met Gala.

The reality star caused quite a stir when she rocked up to the red carpet this year in the dress once worn by the legendary Marilyn Monroe to serenade president John F. Kennedy for his 45th birthday on 19 May 1962.

While some fans felt the look was nothing short of iconic for this year's America: An Anthology of Fashion theme, others argued that taking the fashion relic out of storage for Kim was disrespectful.

Kim wore another Marilyn dress on the night of the Met Gala.

Just as the controversy began to die down, Kim shared with fans yet another of Marilyn's dresses that she had changed into on the night of the Met, sparking up discourse all over again.

This time, Kim wore Marilyn's 1962 Golden Globes gown designed by Norman Norell - carrying her real Golden Globe to finish off the look.

Posing in the historic dress from her hotel room, Kim wrote: "To top off my night after The Met, I had the [honour] of changing into Marilyn Monroe's Norman Norell dress that she wore to the Golden Globes in 1962 —where she received the Henrietta Award For World Film Favourite.

"In my quest to find the Jean Louis hand beaded dress that I wore to the gala, I discovered @heritageauctions owned Marilyn’s iconic green sequined gown. Further into my research I found out that the owner of the Golden Globe that she received that evening was none other than my friend @jeffleatham.

"I saw this all as a sign the way that all of the stars aligned. It will forever be one of the greatest privileges of my life to be able to channel my inner Marilyn in this way, on such a special night. Thank you Heritage Auctions, Barbara Zweig and Jeff for helping to make this memory possible."


As expected, some people were pretty unhappy with Kim for taking not just one, but two different Marilyn gowns out of storage to wear on Met Gala night.

Taking to the comment section of her Instagram, one fan wrote: "Damn another 1 ? Lol".

A second irritated follower added: "And you stole her whole wardrobe..."

And a third commented: "It’s like she’s mocking us."

"Just because you can doesn't mean you should" suggested a fourth, while a fifth warned her: "Don’t do it again".

However, others were thrilled to see Kim embracing her inner Marilyn.

"Yay! You are the best woman to wear her dresses and represent! She would think so too! " commented one.

Monroe wore the dress to the Golden Globes.

"Obsessed," a second simply said.

"You’re amazing," commented a third fan. And a fourth insisted that Kim looked like a 'Modern Marilyn'.

Speaking to Vogue about her decision to pull from Marilyn's historic wardrobe, Kim revealed she had been planning it since last year's Met Gala.

She explained: "The idea really came to me after the gala in September last year. I thought to myself, what would I have done for the American theme if it had not been the Balenciaga look? What’s the most American thing you can think of? And that’s Marilyn Monroe."

Featured Image Credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

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