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Met Gala 2021: Harry Potter Fans Lose It Over Kim Kardashian's Dress

Met Gala 2021: Harry Potter Fans Lose It Over Kim Kardashian's Dress

.When you have the Met Gala at 7 and an Azkaban shift at 9.

Fashionistas across the world have been thrilled at the return of the Met Gala, one of the very best nights of the fashion calendar.

Having had to take a backseat last year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, celebrities returned to the fundraising ball with aplomb, wearing a series of intriguing and garish couture for the ‘American Independence’ theme.

Kim Kardashian caused quite the stir (
PA Images)

But one outfit we can’t stop talking about is Kim Kardashian’s bizarre get-up.

The 40-year-old reality TV star and Met Gala regular wore a black Balenciaga gown, complete will full face covering (an outfit which seemed very Covid secure, we’re sure).

But Harry Potter fans couldn’t help but compare Kim to a Dementor – the soul-sucking creatures who guard Azakaban Prison – and quickly took to Twitter to share memes aplenty.

Kim Kardashian's dress caused a stir (
PA Images)

“Is Kim K really going to the Met Gala as a Dementor?” one person earnestly asked.

“Kim K (dementor) and Taylor Swift (using an invisibility cloak) coordinated together as Harry Potter characters,” joked a second, making light of the fact that the 22 singer was absent.

“I’m sorry but Kim K as a dementor/sleep paralysis demon is the funniest thing I’ve seen in 2021,” a third said, while a fourth chipped in: “Kim K really decided to show up acting like we wouldn’t know she’s really dressed as a dementor.”

The best comment of the night came from a fifth person, who wrote: “When you have the Met Gala at 7 and an Azkaban shift at 9.”

Kim Kardashian's 2021 Met Gala outfit has caused lots of discussion online (

However, not everyone was against the look, with one person writing: “I actually like it. Bye.”

Who knew Dementor-chic was in for 2021?

Others thought Kim looked like the Grim Reaper from popular video game franchise The Sims, while some joked that Kim hadn’t even attended the show all along.

Either way, Kim always knows how to get everyone talking about her – be they Muggles or not.

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