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Kendall Jenner's Choice Of Wedding Guest Dress Sparks Debate

Kendall Jenner's Choice Of Wedding Guest Dress Sparks Debate

Fans of the supermodel have defended her dress after some people said it wasn't suitable for a wedding.

Kendall Jenner is one of the world's top supermodels, having walked runways across the world for countless top designers.

It's fair to say people love keeping up with her outfits both on and off the runway, however her dress to best friend's wedding Lauren Perez has sparked an interesting debate on social media.

On Thursday, the 26-year-old revealed her outfit in a series of Instagram Stories with friends Hailey Bieber, Jesse Jo Stark and Bella Hadid. Her black Mônot RTW Spring 2022 dress has triangular slits of fabric covering parts of her upper body. The fabric slits join in the middle creating a geometric pattern.

Watch the video below:

Wedding guest outfits have always been an area of contention, with guests and bridesmaids often taking to Facebook and Reddit to vent about their garments.

Though we believe women should not be judged for what they wear, some Twitter users clearly disagreed. Some women concluded Kendall’s dress was too 'revealing' to be worn at a wedding, suggested she dress 'conservatively' and many claimed she wouldn’t be allowed at their own wedding if she arrived in that dress.


Responding to the dress on Twitter, one woman said: “She’d never get into my wedding.”

Another Twitter user asked: "Who goes to a wedding w this dress?? [sic]”

A third woman shared: “Truly can’t stop thinking about the fact that not only does this dress exist but that Kendall is wearing it at someone’s wedding.”

Kendall Jenner shared snaps from her friend Lauren Perez's wedding (
Kendall Jenner/Instagram)

And a fourth wrote: “Yes they look amazing but I am legit foaming at the mouth Bc I realized Kendall wore this dress to a WEDDING as a GUEST like if I was the bride and someone looked that hot on my wedding day I would simply pass away."

While another urged Kendall to "try to dress conservatively" for the wedding.

However many fans came to Kendall's defence. "Lauren got married but it's Kendall's dress that is your problem??" one woman tweeted. "If Lauren doesn't have a problem with her dress then I don't see any reason why the dress is a problem. Besides Kendall is an adult she can wear whatever she wants. Seriously though."

While another fan shared: "Kendall Jenner wearing this monot ss dress to her friends wedding reception is iconic.

And a third simply said: "I WANNA DRESS LIKE KENDALL JENNER!!!"

Let women wear what they want!

Featured Image Credit: Kendall Jenner/Instagram

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