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Woman sparks debate after wearing 'low cut' dress to brother's wedding

Woman sparks debate after wearing 'low cut' dress to brother's wedding

She's split the internet right down the middle

One woman has sparked a heated debate after wearing a 'low cut' dress to her brother's wedding.

Now, weddings can always be a bit of a controversial subject what with expensive hen do's, no-children policies and an unspoken but nonetheless extremely strict dress code.

Content creator Logan Rae Hill has since taken to TikTok to share with her 926.4k followers her outfit for her brother's special day, but has been totally slammed for her fashion choices.

Logan Rae Hill has divided opinions over her wedding guest outfit.

The woman took to the platform to tell her followers: "This is the finished look for my brother's wedding."

She was wearing a lovely pink dress complete with a leg slit, a buckled waist belt and ruffles all over.

"I have these earrings from my sister, hair's looking good, there's a lot going on the shoulders so I had to wear it up," Logan continued.

Talking about her dress, she added: "I love it!

"I'm gonna wear these heels and pray that I can last in them!"

People rushed in to share their opinions on the dress.

She finished the outfit rundown concluding: "All right! I'm ready to go! Let's go to this wedding!"

The short outfit check has since clocked up nearly 600k views with hundreds upon hundreds of comments from people eager to share their views on the ensemble.

Half the internet seemed to be totally outraged by Logan's outfit choice with one TikTok user hitting out: "Love it but too low cut for a wedding."

A second chimed in: "Nice but not a fan of the low cut for a family wedding/pictures etc."

Logan directly replied to the critique writing: "No one cared."

She also gave the same response to this critique: "That dress will take a lot of attention from the bride. Maybe not that low cut for a wedding. It's absolutely beautiful though."

The woman directly responded to the 'haters'.
TikTok/@ user6307240950596/@loganraehill

And the same to this one too: "Same that’s too low for a family wedding but you do look beautiful.

"Gorgeous dress...but think I would be worried about spillage....don't drink too much ;)" wrote another.

Logan was quick to reassure that person it 'wasn’t a problem'.

In the comments section, Logan explained: "If you have something negative to comment about my dress, don’t bother, I don’t care :).

"I loved it and felt confident!"

Others, however, were a lot more supportive of Logan's outfit choice, with one TikTok user writing: "why’s everyone acting like we’re living in the 1800s?? You look stunning, these people are just bored!!!!"

A second wrote: "I don’t get why everyone is so pressed about the low cut? It’s your brother so I’m sure you know what’s appropriate and you look insanely stunning - I LOVE!!"

"This comment section is giving hater. You look stunning!" praised a third.

A final TikTok user added: 'I actually love how your responding to all these negative comments (love the dress btw)."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@loganraehill

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