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Guest Under Fire For Wearing Floor-Length White Dress To Wedding

Guest Under Fire For Wearing Floor-Length White Dress To Wedding

This is awkward...

White is usually the colour reserved for the bride at wedding ceremonies, with guests often opting for anything but that one.

However, a wedding guest decided to ignore that unspoken rule by wearing a white, floor-length wedding dress to a wedding - and people have a lot to say about it.

A wedding guest decided to wear a white dress to the ceremony (

A picture of the guest with her face obscured to maintain her privacy was shared on Reddit and it has led to a very intense reaction. Some people have gone as far to call her actions inappropriate and "tacky".

"The positive side to guests like this, is that every other guest there is probably thinking that guest is just as tacky as we do, even if they smile from politeness on the outside," one commenter wrote.

The Reddit user shared more pictures from the wedding (

Some Reddit users spoke about their own, similar experiences. One person said: "My mother in law showed up in an “off-white” ball gown to our wedding. She’s a bit of an attention seeker."

While a third person wrote: "I would have them removed! Rude. Sorry this happened to you!"

Would you wear white to a wedding?

In other news, One bride sent a list of rules via her wedding coordinator to her wedding guests ahead of the big day and it has erupted a heated discussion on Reddit.

The list of rules and regulations for one bride's wedding caused a heated debate on Reddit (

While some of the rules are perfectly understandable, such as asking guests to arrive 15-30 minutes early, others have caused quite a stir. One rule instructs everyone to avoid speaking to the bride; hairstyles are limited to a “basic bob or ponytail” and all guests must pay an entrance fee of $75 (£54.15). I'm sorry, what?!

You can read the outrageous list in full here.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/Reddit

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