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Video of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's 'argument' at after party resurfaces

Video of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's 'argument' at after party resurfaces

A clip showing Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck behind the scenes is going viral on TikTok after the Grammys incident on Sunday.

A clip showing Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in what fans believe is an argument has gone viral on TikTok. Watch below:

All eyes are now focused on the 'Let's Get Loud' singer and Affleck after their awkward moment was captured live at the Grammys on Sunday (5 February).

The footage was filmed at the after party following the premiere of Jennifer’s new film Shotgun Wedding, which took place on 18 January.

The rom-com icon, 53, and her Oscar winning husband, 50, are seen briefly as Ben speaks while Jennifer takes a sip from her drink.

The video has been viewed more than 5.1million times since it was shared last month, as fans keep a close eye on the couple following the Grammys.

Back when the clip was shared on 28 January, fans immediately rushed to the comments.

“You can legit feel them exhausting one another,” one TikTok user replied.

“Wait… she’s in ANOTHER WEDDING MOVIE?!” someone else joked.

Jennifer and Ben were spotted at the event.

A third commented: “They always look like they are having some type of pre argument lol.”

While a fourth quipped: “Trouble in paradise!”

However, some fans criticised others for jumping to conclusions.

“Seriously, ppl listen to one podcast about body language and think they’ve got a full degree and 30 years in experience,” someone wrote in the comments.

Another TikToker joked: “Looks like my man when we go to parties.”

While another commenter said: “God I would hate having a camera on my marriage every moment of every day and then everyone watching it and judging my marriage based on a moment.”

Representatives for Jennifer and Ben have been approached for comment.

The couple were in attendance at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards at the arena in Los Angeles this week and unintentionally became the event's biggest viral moment.

During one of host Trevor Noah's skits, cameras caught Jennifer and Ben, who tied the knot in 2022, awkwardly exchanging words while sitting at a table in the audience.

People assumed that Jennifer didn't look best pleased with whatever her husband said as they looked to have a quick back and forth.

Jennifer said the pair had a great time at the Grammys.

Jennifer then put her hand to her chest and appeared to tell her hubby to 'sit up straight'.

Memes of the Justice League star looking 'bored' soon took over the internet but the Enough actress appeared to clarify that both she and Ben had a wonderful time at the ceremony.

“Always the best time with my love, my husband,” she captioned a video of the couple she shared on Instagram showing behind the scenes highlights with Ben.

Featured Image Credit: @alliworkscarpet/TikTok

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