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Florence Pugh is 'p****d off' with how 'boring' water is

Florence Pugh is 'p****d off' with how 'boring' water is

She hit out at the drink

Florence Pugh has spoken out over the 'judgement' she faces as a ‘non-water drinker’, listing all the reasons why she doesn't like the 'boring' drink.

Let's be honest, water is a bit boring - it doesn't taste of anything, and loads of us only gulp it down because we know it's good for us to stay hydrated.

But Don't Worry Darling star Florence literally can't stand the stuff.

The actor, who recently confirmed that her Cooking With Flo TV series is ‘definitely happening’, opened up to hosts Ed Gamble and James Acaster on the Off Menu Podcast about her hatred of water - and she does make some good points, to be fair.

To be fair, she kind of has a point.

"I don’t drink it. You know when you’ve gone for a run and you want to gulp? I can’t gulp," she admitted.

So what does she drink? It seems Florence is happy to 'gulp' tastier beverages, including orange juice, elderflower pressé, tea (when it's at the 'perfect temperature') and... golden syrup.

So what is it that the celebrated actor hates about the hydrating fluid?

Don't expect to see the actor guzzling a glass of water.

"I think my problem with it is this: it’s something we all supposedly need to drink every day of our lives and it tastes like this – it could taste like elderflower pressé, but it doesn’t.

"I’m just a bit p***ed off, in all honesty. I’m just a bit annoyed that there was no creativity in the creation of water...It’s just boring."

Promoting her upcoming film A Good Person, Florence bemoaned the injustices she faces as a 'non-water drinker' as hosts James and Ed admitted that people tend to 'frown' upon those who swerve it.

"I know! It’s so judgemental," she said.


The self-confessed foodie's number one bugbear of drinking water wasn't the lack of flavour, however. It seems she really resents taking bathroom breaks.

"You wee all the time – think of all the experiences that you’re missing. Every time you’re having a wee, you’re missing the best jokes ‘cos you need a wee, you’re missing the best scenes in movies ‘cos you need a wee. I prefer to just wee as little as often."

So what's her 'optimum number' of toilet breaks per day? When pushed, the star of Little Women settled on a shockingly low frequency of just ‘once a day’.

That being said, the NHS says you should aim to drink 'six to eight' cups or glasses of fluid a day. While water and tea count - unfortunately sugary orange juice, elderflower pressé and, um, golden syrup, do not.

For 'non-water drinkers' like Florence, it suggests opting for sparkling water, adding a slice of lemon or lime, no-added-sugar squash or fruit juice to jazz it up or heating the water and infusing it with a tea bag or some coffee.

Featured Image Credit: Independent Photo Agency Srl / Zoonar GmbH / Alamy

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