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Brits Are 'Traumatised' After Watching American Woman's 'British Tea'

Brits Are 'Traumatised' After Watching American Woman's 'British Tea'

This has ruined our day.

British people are seriously traumatised after finding this video of an American woman making 'British tea' in the most upsetting way.

People are threatening to 'call their therapists' after watching the TikToker show off her tea-making method.

We can honestly say we've never seen anything quite like this before.

Watch the bizarre video here:

After watching the clip, Brits stormed the comment section to share their disgust.

One upset viewer commented: "*cry's in British*".

A second joked: "My therapist gunna need a therapist after this one"

While a third simply wrote: "traumatised."

From the bottled water to her use of an 'electric British kettle', this video is a total disaster from start to finish.

Reacting to the clip, one TikTok user very aptly wrote: "NO! NONONO! OH MY GOD! THE HUMANITY!!!"

Another informed the creator: "You realise this is a war crime right ?? 😳 X"

Not the milk in the kettle!!! (

The video has since gone viral and spread as far as Twitter - exposing even more Brits to the devastating recipe.

"Someone needs to stop them" tweeted one disgruntled user.

"Who the f*** told them this is how we make tea?????" asked a second.

"Nah this is so disrespectful" wrote a third.

This is one TikTok trick that we definitely won't be trying out.

Though, if you are looking for a Tyla-recommended food trend, then you should definitely test out this trendy new custard toast recipe.

This creamy, custard filled toast, topped with fruit and sprinkled with sugar is all over our FYP at the moment, and people are absolutely loving it.

This custard-toast recipe would go great with some real British tea. (

All you need to make this dreamy breakfast treat is bread, Greek yoghurt, eggs, fruit and maple syrup or honey. You could also add a little sugar or vanilla extract.

You could even swap the fruit for chocolate if you fancy being extra indulgent!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/TikTok

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