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Fans blown away by how good 73-year-old Vera Wang looks on the red carpet

Fans blown away by how good 73-year-old Vera Wang looks on the red carpet

Some have speculated that she's immortal

It's no secret that the ageing process affects different people in different ways, but there are some folk out there who get luckier than others.

Case in point, Vera Wang, 73, who has once again blown away her fans and onlookers after she put on a strikingly youthful display at the 2023 BAFTAS.

In fact, the fashion designer looked so good as she posed for the cameras outside the Royal Festival Hall in London that people found it hard to believe they were looking at a woman in her 70s.

Vera Wang stunned at the 2023 BAFTAS.
Alamy / Doug Peters

Vera wore a long, white silk dress to the event that she paired with a black bralet - and she wasn't afraid of showing some skin despite her advancing years.

She finished the look with her signature long, straight hair and a small pearl necklace.

Reacting to her appearance, one Twitter user praised: "Vera Wang seems immortal with her sultry youthful look at BAFTAs! If I could look half of what she looks likes, it’d be something!"

"Cool and unbothered," added a second, while a third wrote: "A reminder that this woman is 73!!!"

"Vera Wang seems immortal with her sultry youthful look at BAFTAs!" remarked a fourth. "If I could look half of what she looks like, it'd be something!"

However, some put the designer's incredible looks down to her lifestyle, with a fifth remarking: "If I didn't have to work 60 hours a week at a manual job, I would look good instead of looking like I have been run over by a steam roller."

Vera Wang looks incredible for her age.
Alamy / Sipa US

Wang previously told BBC 100 Women that she was not interested in trying to look younger for longer and instead has embraced the natural ageing process.

She said she has never thought of 'going way out of [her] way' to 'preserve youth in a fanatical, obsessive way.'

The designer added that she thinks it's 'nice' that many people think she doesn't look her age.

"It's very complimentary and I am very grateful for that. But, I have been asked; what are my 'secrets'," she said.

Wang said she thinks it's 'nice' that people think she looks younger.
Instagram / verawang

Wang said that if she had to answer this question, she'd say 'sleep' helps her to look young.

"I value having a vodka cocktail at the end of the day, because it helps me to transition from a very intense work schedule to a bit of a private life," she added.

The designer concluded that she's ultimately 'never thought about youth', adding 'probably because I work with the most beautiful women in the world on a daily basis'.

Featured Image Credit: Sipa US / Doug Peters / Alamy Stock Photo

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