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Vera Wang, 73, shares the 'magic elixir' that keeps her looking so young

Vera Wang, 73, shares the 'magic elixir' that keeps her looking so young

You'll be pleased to know it doesn't involve punishing yourself at the gym

Vera Wang has shared the 'magic elixir' that keeps her looking so young at 73-years-old.

Back in June, the fashion designer shared pictures of her birthday celebrations on Instagram and fans were soon asking her how she appears to be ageing backwards.

“Happy birthday," wrote one. "Gosh share your secret please you look like you're 30."

While a lot of it is down to good genetics, Vera did offer up a few tips on her youthful look.

You'll be pleased to know it doesn't involve punishing yourself at the gym and it does involve a vodka cocktail at the end of a long day.

Vera Wang recently celebrated her 73rd birthday.

Speaking on the subject, in an interview for International Women's Day earlier this year, the New York-born businesswoman explained that a cocktail helps her 'transition from a very intense work schedule' to a 'bit of a private life'.

Another tip is her work life, adding: "I've been in fashion since I was 19 years old. Not in front of the camera, behind it.

"I never thought about youth, probably because I work with the most beautiful women in the world on a daily basis.

"And because of that I more envision them as my muses, and maybe it's a way of dealing with ageing that is productive."

She continued: "So I always said that vodka cocktail, a lot of sleep, but work - work is the magic elixir."

Vera does like to stay active too, but she doesn't like to spend hours and hours on the treadmill each day.

In a 2016 interview, she said: "I usually lift weights, not much - two pounds and three pounds. It takes me a total of five minutes.

The fashion star also enjoys a spot of golf from time to time.

"I'm not a huge exercise person, but I love to play golf at Liberty National, in Jersey City, NJ or at Atlantic Golf Club in the Hamptons if I happen to be out there," she explained.

"I'm terrible but enthusiastic."

Vera takes a similarly laid back approach to her diet, championing balance and moderation.

"I go through phases with what I eat for lunch," she said.

The fashion designed shared her 'magic elixir' to her youthful appearance.

"I like sashimi with brown rice and vegetables, Chinese steamed broccoli with chicken and rice, or the artichoke salad or fish from Sant Ambroeus.

"At one point I was eating a slice of Ray's pizza every day, and I never gained a pound on it. It's not a bad thing if you squeeze out that excess oil. It's so filling.

"I only drink water – I stopped drinking Diet Coke six years ago. That was the hardest thing I ever gave up."

This is a lifestyle we could definitely get behind!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@verawang

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