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Vera Wang Puts Her Youthfulness Down To 'Vodka Cocktails'

Vera Wang Puts Her Youthfulness Down To 'Vodka Cocktails'

We would *never* have guessed her actual age.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

There are those celebs who just do not seem to age (Paul Rudd, J.Lo, Pharrell - we're looking at you) and iconic designer Vera Wang is one of them.

The fashion legend, who is well known for being an LGBTQ+ ally, shared a selfie ahead of her 71st birthday and honestly, our minds are blown by how youthful she looks.

Donning sleek athleisure garms along with jet-black sunnies and silver rings from her own range, the designer looks less than half her age.

The designer took to Insta to share a Pride selfie - and looks incredibly youthful (
Instagram / Vera Wang)

Vera posted the photo to her Instagram, showing off a colourful rainbow mani to celebrate the anniversary of same-sex marriage legalisation.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "My #PRIDE athleisure look", adding a rainbow emoji and tags for her accessories.

The designer was promptly flooded with compliments from fans, with many commenting on her young appearance.

"I refuse to believe that you're in your 70s," wrote one.

"You look 20 years old girl!" agreed another.

"Simply FABULOUS!!!!" chimed in a third. "Thank you for making women feel and look great! At all ages!!"

This isn't the first time that Vera's followers have been flummoxed by her age.

In May of this year, the designer "fact checked" her own age on Twitter, because fans simply could not believe that she was over 70.

So, what's the secret behind Vera's younger-than-her-years looks?

Turns out, it's not as health-based as you might think. Vodka cocktails are involved, for one thing.

Now, that's an anti-ageing hack for we can definitely get on board with.

Replying to one fan who asked how she keeps in such youthful shape, Vera wrote: "Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail and not much sun."

We didn't think we could love this fashion queen and LGBTQ+ ally, whose company used their resources to sew non-surgical face masks in the coronavirus pandemic, any more.

...Until we put forward drinking voddy mixers as an anti-ageing technique, that is. Yaaassss Vera.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / Vera Wang

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