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Chris Rock's Heartbreaking Reaction To Oscars Slap Seen For First Time

Chris Rock's Heartbreaking Reaction To Oscars Slap Seen For First Time

Social media users are reacting to a clip showing Chris Rock's reaction after he was slapped by Will Smith.

Social media has unearthed a clip from Sunday's Oscars ceremony showing Chris Rock's heartbreaking reaction after he was slapped by Will Smith on stage.

The 94th Academy Awards took a dramatic turn when Rock made a jibe about Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head, which led to the King Richard star confronting the comedian on stage and slapping him across the face.

Watch the shocking moment below:

Rock made a joke in the immediate aftermath of the slap, telling the audience: "That was the greatest night in the history of television."

But in footage from the ceremony that is now making the rounds on TikTok, it seems Chris had a very different reaction after he finished presenting the award for Best Documentary Feature.

TikTok user @sincerelyordinary shared the clip with the caption: “Look at Chris face [sic]".

Watch the clip below:

People in the comments shared their sympathy for the Everybody Hates Chris creator. “He looks confused, hurt, embarrassed and sad,” one TikTok user shared. 

Another viewer wrote in the comments: “He’ll remember that night for the rest of his life.”

One woman said: “I’m sorry but this guy deserves more than some washed-up written apology on Instagram. I’ve lost all my respect for Will.”

While another take on the infamous slap urged people to consider Chris’ family. “Chris has a family and kids,” they wrote. “He got slapped in front of millions and everyone still consoled Will. Chris acted professional and kept his compute.”

Will Smith confronted Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars. (

And someone else wrote: “He’s probably wondering why nobody is doing anything while he got slapped in front of millions.”

The Academy announced on Wednesday that is has begun ‘disciplinary proceedings’ against Will, who won the award for Best Actor within an hour of the his outburst. The actor was allowed to accept the award on stage and during his acceptance speech he apologised to the Academy for his actions.

Watch Will's speech below:

Will could now face suspension, expulsion or other sanctions if the Academy decide to take action.

It's also been revealed in a statement that the actor was asked to leave the show but refused to do so following the incident.

Featured Image Credit: ABC/TikTok

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