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Charlotte Dawson Heartbroken After Taking Pregnancy Test On Scan Day

Charlotte Dawson Heartbroken After Taking Pregnancy Test On Scan Day

Poor Charlotte has had a tough few weeks.

Charlotte Dawson confessed to fans that she was heartbroken after taking another pregnancy test to make sure that her baby wasn't there before heading for a scan.

The TV personality announced just recently in a devastating post to Instagram that she had suffered a miscarriage, and has since been keeping followers up to date on her recovery.

Before going in for her doctor's appointment on Tuesday, Charlotte admitted that she made herself take a pregnancy test, even thought she knew it was "deffo not there".

Charlotte told fans that she had taken another pregnancy test. (

Sharing a photo of her negative pregnancy test to her Instagram Story, Charlotte wrote: "I was meant to have my scan today but I did a test to see if it was deffo not there.. even tho I knew it wasn't, it still hurts.."

Since revealing that she had had a miscarriage, Charlotte has been forced to fend off nasty online trolls, which she has been documenting through her Instagram.

On one occasion, the 29-year-old found herself digging out her original pregnancy test to prove to doubtful followers that she had ever been pregnant with a second child.

Posting a video to her Story, Charlotte said that she "couldn't believe" she had to prove she was pregnant.


"I can't believe I have to actually prove that I was pregnant. It's so f**king weird, like what the hell is wrong with people?" she said at the time.

"People just seem to have a massive opinion on my life and think they can get away with it, like, it's absolutely disgusting what people say. Honestly next level. But that is just not fair."

Most recently, she revealed that cruel cyberbullies had guilt-tripped her for going out so soon after her miscarriage, after she went out to see the Tyson Fury v Dillian Whyte fight at Wembley Stadium last weekend.

Charlotte was horrified by the comments she had received. (

She wrote: "What do you expect me to not try & get on with my life because of what’s happened? I didn’t really want to go but I put a brave face on & had a lovely time with our palz… the messages are just pathetic, but thank you so much to my belters who are sending so much love."

Charlotte and her partner Matthew Sarsfield are also parents to son Noah, one.

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