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Charlotte Dawson Forced To Prove Pregnancy After Receiving 'Disgusting' Messages From Trolls

Charlotte Dawson Forced To Prove Pregnancy After Receiving 'Disgusting' Messages From Trolls

Charlotte gave trolls solid evidence of her pregnancy.

Charlotte Dawson found herself waving a positive pregnancy test in front of her 1.3 million Instagram followers on Tuesday after being accused by "disgusting" trolls of faking the whole thing.

The 29-year-old announced over the weekend that she had sadly suffered a miscarriage, after fans expressed concern over her social media absence.

After opening up about the devastating news, Charlotte was visibly upset when she took to her Instagram story to address the hurtful comments and messages she had received, telling fans: "I can't believe I have to actually prove that I was pregnant."

After updating followers on her health, she said: "I just don't appreciate some of the disgusting, horrific messages that me and Matthew are receiving. The worst one, I can't believe that I have to even defend myself like this, I've been in tears crying over s**t - that people say and this has just topped the whole thing... So they're basically saying I'm lying about being pregnant."

Pulling out a positive pregnancy test and dangling it in front of her face, she continued: "So that's one of my tests there that I was going to keep forever - because I kept my first one with Noah. This was one of the tests.

Charlotte was horrified by the comments she had received. (

"I can't believe I have to actually prove that I was pregnant. It's so f**king weird, like what the hell is wrong with people?"

Charlotte and her partner Matthew Sarsfield are also parents to son Noah, one.The mum went on to say: "People just seem to have a massive opinion on my life and think they can get away with it, like, it's absolutely disgusting what people say. Honestly next level. But that is just not fair.


"I'm not lying, why would I do this for attention. I'm not even on Instagram, I wanted to just come away from everything but people have been asking me if I was okay, if Noah was okay, why have I been quiet, so I've been brave enough to come on here and tell my story and share what's happened. I don't appreciate people saying I'm doing it for attention."

Charlotte then shared a screenshot taken from her Instagram, just to give fans a taste of the hate she was experiencing.

After saying her piece, Charlotte concluded: "I've cleared that up. So for the people messaging Matthew constantly, screenshotting my video saying 'She wasn't even pregnant, she's doing it for attention', there you f**king go, you absolute pleb."

Charlotte shared some of the hate she had been getting from trolls. (

In a post shared on Monday afternoon, Charlotte shared the heartbreaking news that she had had a miscarriage.

She told fans at the time: "Sometimes it’s just not meant to be, I really thought it was but it just wasn’t this time.

"Miscarriages are so common & not spoke about enough. We are so heartbroken right now have no words and just don’t feel up to posting being my happy silly self right now.."

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