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Charlotte Dawson Responds To Cruel Comments About 'Going Out' After Miscarriage

Charlotte Dawson Responds To Cruel Comments About 'Going Out' After Miscarriage

Charlotte has no time for trolls.

Charlotte Dawson has hit back at the trolls after finding herself on the receiving end of hurtful comments about her social life following her heartbreaking miscarriage.

Just last week Charlotte revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage after fans grew concerned by her absence from social media.

Since then, the reality star has been forced to defend herself against an onslaught of cruel trolls, commenting on everything from her pregnancy to her partying.

Posting a video of her latest glam transition for her night out at the Tyson Fury v Dillian Whyte fight at Wembley Stadium this weekend, Charlotte took the opportunity to defend herself.

She wrote: "This one is for you troll edzzzz cos you all hate me having fun.

"What do you expect me to not try & get on with my life because of what’s happened? I didn’t really want to go but I put a brave face on & had a lovely time with our palz… the messages are just pathetic, but thank you so much to my belters who are sending so much love.

"We are on route home, so excited to see our cherub missed him soooo much can’t wait to squeeze n snuggle him."


Fans and friends took to the comments section to commend Charlotte for boldly standing up to her haters and continuing to live her life.

Reality star Amanda Harrington wrote: "STOP explaining yourself to these divs."

Model and presenter Ashley Louise James added: "As if people resent you for trying to have a good time. You looked amazing and glad you're having fun, you deserve it."

Charlotte's latest response to her trolls comes not long after she was forced to give proof that she had been pregnant before her devastating miscarriage.

The 29-year-old found herself waving a positive pregnancy test in front of her 1.3 million Instagram followers last Tuesday after being accused of faking the whole thing.

Charlotte was horrified by the comments she had received. (

 "I can't believe I have to actually prove that I was pregnant" she said.

 "I just don't appreciate some of the disgusting, horrific messages that me and Matthew are receiving. The worst one, I can't believe that I have to even defend myself like this, I've been in tears crying over s**t - that people say and this has just topped the whole thing... So they're basically saying I'm lying about being pregnant."

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Featured Image Credit: Charlotte Dawson-Instagram

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