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Britney Spears accuses her sons of 'making up stories' after claims she's on 'drugs'

Britney Spears accuses her sons of 'making up stories' after claims she's on 'drugs'

The singer has hit back after her sons and ex-husband issued a public plea

Britney Spears has accused her sons of 'making up stories' about her after they claimed she is taking drugs.

In an interview with documentary-maker Daphne Barak, Preston, 17, and Jayden, 16, said they are refusing to spend time at their mother's home after apparently seeing drugs delivered to the house.

Alongside their dad and Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline, they publicly urged Spears to get help 'before it's too late'.

As per the Daily Mail, Federline said: "I fear she's on meth - I've been praying someone would make it public and that she wakes up. It's terrifying. She is the mother of my boys.

"Every time the telephone rings, I fear that there will be devastating news."

He continued: "I don't want the boys to wake up one morning and find their mother has taken an overdose."

Britney Spears' family claimed she is taking drugs.

According to the Daily Mail, Preston told Barak: "All we want is for her to listen to us."

Just a matter of hours later, Spears broke her social media silence and responded to the claims made by her family in a lengthy Instagram post.

She wrote: "The fact that people are claiming things that are not true is so sad ... This may not even be them saying such things because it doesn't make any sense to me for them to be saying that.

"With Preston saying 'she needs to listen to us before it's too late' … Do you remember every visit you came to my home, you went into your room and locked the door ???

"I never saw you guys … Jayden played the piano and we made music together … But the day I told him I wanted to see you guys more, I never saw you again."

The 'Toxic' singer continued: "It makes me sad because I tried so hard to make things nice for you and it was never good enough. So you guys go behind my back and talk about me … it breaks my heart and the news is so low … l've always felt like the news bullies me …

Britney Spears has flat out denied the claims.

"It's sad because everyone sits back as if that's ok to make up lies to that extent ... Why am I told I have to sit back and rise above ??? When they all go so low ??? Hopefully it is just the news being hateful and Kevin nor Preston said any of those things either way I will be fine working out to Throb !!!"

Ever since Spears' controversial 13-year conservatorship with father James Spears ended in November 2021, she has documented much of her life on social media.

However, some of her posts have been rather bizarre, leading to many fearing she is fragile.

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