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Beyonce says 'oh my God!' and shakes her head after her crew misses major cue

Beyonce says 'oh my God!' and shakes her head after her crew misses major cue

The moment has gone viral online

Beyonce appeared to say 'oh my God!' as she shook her head after her crew missed a major cue during one of her shows.

The 41-year-old pop icon looked visibly annoyed during the finale performance of her Renaissance World Tour show in Amsterdam over the weekend (18 June).

The 'Lemonade' hit-maker had a pretty strong reaction to what looked like a massive prop blunder and her fans are going wild for it online.

The Texas native can be seen belting out 'Summer Renaissance' on a huge silver horse prop with matching chrome ensemble.

The prop blunder has gone viral online.

Fan footage, which has since gone viral online, shows Beyonce looking somewhat less-than-satisfied with the crew before appearing to mouth the words 'oh my God' after moving her microphone away from her mouth.

One clip of the star which made its rounds on social media has since clocked up over a million views.

The Twitter user captioned the post: "The only thing we know about the last show is that Beyoncé fired someone from her team."

One Twitter user commented on the video: "It's the 'mY GaAWDd' full of stress for me."

Another penned: "Y'all read that 'Oh my GAWD' on her lips!?"

"That oh my gawd at the end…" echoed a third.

The crew member can be seen manoeuvring a ladder.

A fourth added: "The 'oh my god' at the end LMAAOOO she’s p*ssed."

Others, however, couldn't help but share some sympathy for the crew member.

One revealed: "If Beyoncé rolled her eyes at me like that I would burst into tears and never recover."

Us neither.

"I guarantee you they forgot something she specifically requested before getting on the ladder; she was going to try a new ending," theorised a second.

A third fan rushed to Bey's defence, stating: "This crew should know by now that Beyoncé is serious about her shows & performances & they need to take it serious as well."

Beyonce appeared to mouth 'oh my God' shortly after the prop horse fiasco.

"So how did she get down from the horse?" wondered another viewer. "She looks sooo mad I would be scared of her wrath af."

A final Twitter user shared what they reckoned happened during the viral performance.

They claimed: "She would initially get off the horse but didn’t feel reliable so she just asked them to take the ladder since she wouldn’t use it."

Beyonce kicked off her Renaissance World Tour last month (10 May) at Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

The ongoing tour - which was first announced on 1 February in support of Beyonce's seventh studio album Renaissance - marks the singing legend's ninth concert world tour.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@arthfobic

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