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Moment A Cow Had To Be Rescued After Getting Stuck Up A Tree

Moment A Cow Had To Be Rescued After Getting Stuck Up A Tree

A helpless cow had to be rescued from the top of a tree after Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana in the US.

An unfortunate cow had to be rescued from the top of a tree after it was swept away by floodwaters by Hurricane Ida.

Watch the video below:

Before getting stuck in the tree, the animal had strayed from a small cattle operation in St. Bernard, Louisiana.

Hurricane Ida has wreaked havoc in Louisiana after it made landfall on Sunday (30th August) with 150mph (240km/h) winds. This is the fifth strongest to ever hit the US mainland and has drawn comparisons to Hurricane Katrina, a 2005 storm that killed 1,800 people.

Ida formed over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico last weekend.

The hurricane was no match for the helpless cow. The day after Hurricane Ida made landfall, locals discovered that the scared cow had become stuck up in a tree after the storm surge rose several feet.

When the water finally subsided, the cow became wedged in the tree and unable to free itself.

The cow became stuck at the top of a tree (

Thankfully government employees from St Bernard Parish arrived in due course and were able to cut the branches to free the unnamed cow. The whole operation took around 20 minutes and they even managed to get the animal to higher ground, as the storm rages on.

The rescuers had to trudge through waist high flood water and use chainsaws to remove the leaves and branches that had trapped the unlucky cow.

Hurricane Ida has caused flooding in Louisiana (

The cow has now been reunited with its owners and its calf and the other cattle.

A spokesman for St Bernard Parish Government said: "Our employees reacted quickly and professionally upon news that the cow was trapped in the tree."When they rescued her, the crew realised that the cow's milk bag was full so they immediately prioritised finding her calf and reuniting them.

"The incident shows the severity of Hurricane Ida, and we will continue to work tirelessly to keep both people and animals safe."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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