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Umbrella Academy Fans Spot Sweet Nod To Ben In Elliot Page Snap

Umbrella Academy Fans Spot Sweet Nod To Ben In Elliot Page Snap

No, you're crying!

Fans of the hit Netflix series Umbrella Academy are trying desperately to hold it together after noticing a very sweet detail in the first photos of Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreeves.

Umbrella Academy fanatic Emily (@stardustem) pointed out the subtle reference on her TikTok page and viewers are already in floods of tears.

Watch here:

In the series, Elliot Page plays Viktor Hargreeves (formerly Vanya Hargreeves), who is set to come out as transgender in the highly anticipated third season.

Teasing fans with a first look at Viktor, Elliot posted a photo of his character sitting in a diner with a leather jacket, accompanied by the caption: "Meet Viktor Hargreeves ☂️".

As if fans weren't already excited to meet Viktor properly, many viewers are now convinced that Viktor's attire is a subtle nod to his late brother Ben (Justin H. Min).

After watching Emily's TikTok, one emotional fan commented: "WHY WOULD [YOU] POINT THIS OUT IM GOING TO CRY".

Elliot sent the internet into a frenzy with this pic. (

Another simply wrote: "im in PAIN".

And a third pointed out that actor Justin H. Min had also pointed out the resemblance already, commenting on Elliot Page's original post: "Leather jacket bros."

That sounds like a confirmation to us!

Other fans are already wondering whether Klaus (Robert Sheehan) might have had anything to do with Viktor's new look.

One fan had commented: "omg did klaus dress him up???"

Another replied: "oh god there better me a makeover scene".

Umbrella Academy season three will arrive soon. (

Thanks to his super ability to speak to the dead, Klaus is the only member of the team who can still see Ben, considering his unique sense of style, it's possible that these fan theories aren't totally unfounded.

One thing's for sure: With teasers like this, fans can hardly contain themselves ahead of season three.

As one TikToker so perfectly put it: "Patiently waiting for season 3 to drop so I can be emotionally damaged again."

Season three of Umbrella Academy is set to drop on Netflix on 22nd June 2022.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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