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Stranger Things Fans Have Theory On Eleven's Biological Father

Stranger Things Fans Have Theory On Eleven's Biological Father

Who's the daddy?!

As Stranger Things fans wait impatiently for the second volume of season four to drop next month, they are sharing their theories about the identity of Eleven's (Millie Bobby Brown) biological father.

The new season has led to countless theories so far, ranging from Eddie's (Joseph Quinn) identity and Steve's fate to details about the shadow monster.

It turns out some viewers are convinced that Victor Creel (Robert Englund) is Eleven's father. In the Stranger Things universe Victor Creel is Vecna's first victim.

In 1986, where the current season takes place, he is a patient imprisoned at Pennhurst Mental Hospital for the horrific murders of his family.

He also survived the first attack of Vecna, who is later revealed to be his own son, Henry Creel (Jamie Campbell Bower).

Fans think Victor Creel might be Eleven's dad.

One fan took to Twitter and shared their thoughts: "I heard rumours & theories that Vecna/Victor Creel is actually Eleven/Jane's biological father. Can it be a true or a false theory statement?"

The tweet received a lot of attention within the Stranger Things fandom. One response agreed with the theory and explained exactly why it could work.

"Can indeed be true," they began. "Vic was like 23 when El was born, they are both the most powerful test subjects with El being the only one who can stop him, and Vic said he knew El's mom and that he saw himself in El."

Other fans agreed, with one fully convinced, writing: "I believe this. Why else would he favour her, help her & go through punishment if he’s not connected to her, and she is the only one that can match his powers, exceed him. They’re going for a Star Wars: Return of the Jedi vibe this volume I think so…Eleven, I am your father?"

Another Twitter user replied: "I said the same thing cause how did he know her mom if he was at the lab and she was somewhere else."

Could Henry Creel be Eleven's brother?

The theory was also approved by one fan who tweeted: "Actually I think that is a pretty good theory and probably spot on!"

However some viewers believe Henry could be Eleven's biological dad.

"Hmm…I didn’t think about that at first," one fan confessed. "I was actually wondering if Henry/Vecna was maybe El’s dad…but idk…that’s just a random speculation since we don’t know who her father is."

And a Twitter account dedicated to sharing Stranger Things theories chimed in and wrote: "Guys what if Vecna is Eleven's biological dad... Well not Vecna, but Peter/Henry. But also technically yes Vecna but I prefer saying Peter/Henry.

"This may sound like a stretch but it makes a lot of sense. We don't know who El's dad is throughout the whole show."

Stranger Things 4 volume 2 drops 1 July on Netflix.

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