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Stranger Things Fans Have A Heartbreaking Theory About Steve Harrington

Stranger Things Fans Have A Heartbreaking Theory About Steve Harrington

We must protect Steve at all cost.

Warning. This article contains major spoilers for Stranger Things

Stranger Things is back and bigger than ever. However, fans believe there are signs pointing to a heartbreaking death in the second half of season four.

Netflix released the first seven episodes on Friday (29 May) leading to fans watching on the edge of their seats as they waited to see Steve Harrington's fate.

Steve, who is played by Joe Keery, has been one of the most popular characters since the show debuted back in 2016.

But in the latest season, Steve is pulled into the upside down and bitten by a bat, leading to fans expressing their fears that this could be a death sentence.

One concerned fan tweeted: "Is no one gonna talk about how Mr. Steve Harrington got bitten by bats in the upside down and how robin is fearing that he might got rabies or sumthn [sic] from them? IDK BUT I HAVE THIS THEORY THAT HE MIGHT DIE ON THE UPCOMING VOLUME 2"

Fans think Steve might die.

Another Twitter user wrote: "Was I the only holding my breath whenever steve was in danger cause I thought he was gonna die".

While a third person shared: "I am 1000 percent sure Steve is dying in Stranger Things this season and it’ll be the worst thing to ever happen to me".

Other Stranger Things fans shared more in-depth theories, with one fan tweeting: "Stranger Things Season 4 Theory: Steve is definitely dying. They are teasing nancy and steve just so they can kill off steve. Steve will most likely sacrifice himself for nancy either whilst she is in Vecnas mind control or after during some other situation."

What do you think?

Fanatics have also discovered that the new season has an eerie connection to the 1980s horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The first connection Matt and Ross Duffer created between the 1984 film and their Netflix series is the casting of actor Robert Englund, who famously portrayed Freddy Krueger.

The actor can be seen in Stranger Things portraying Vecna’s first victim, Victor Creel. How spooky!

Stranger Things is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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