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Stranger Things Fans Have A Chilling Theory About Eddie

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Stranger Things Fans Have A Chilling Theory About Eddie

Warning: spoilers for Stranger Things season four, volume one

As Stranger Things fans eagerly await volume two of the fourth season, a disturbing theory about Eddie has been making waves on social media. 

Some fans are convinced that Eddie Munson is experiment 010, and they have some interesting ‘evidence’ to back up their claims. 

The leader of the Hellfire Club was only introduced this season, and at one point Eddie recalls he had ‘buzzed’ hair in middle school. 


Not only this, but some fans have also noticed that he’s conveniently got a watch on his right wrist… exactly where his 010 tattoo would be. 

Alongside a picture of 10 with the buzzcut and Eddie, one fan wrote: “Theory: yk how Eddie Munson said ‘my hair was buzzed off and I didn’t have these tattoos’, this could mean that Eddie could be number ten [in] he wears a watch on his right wrist where the tattoo would be.”

A second agreed and elaborated: “My #StrangerThings theory is that Eddie is number 10. He mentioned he had a buzz cut to Chrissy, it’s suspicious that he says that specifically. Also they never show 10 with blood from his eyes or anything, just Brenner hugging his body …. [sic].”

Joseph Quinn as Eddie in Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix
Joseph Quinn as Eddie in Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix

A third wrote: “We don’t see a clip [confirming] 010 died when 001 brutally attack the lab. The fact that he is in the other room with ‘papa’ and Eddie also said ‘my hair was buzzed’ and makes this theory more reasonable that Eddie is 010.”

A fourth fan went as far as to suggest that Eddie is not only 010, but that he will become the new villain of season five.

They wrote: “I not only think Eddie will turn out to be 010, I think he’ll apparently sacrifice himself to save the team/world, get left in the Upside Down, and turn into the villain of season 5.”


However, some fans thought the theory was simply too far-fetched.

One wrote: “Some of these Stranger Things theories are so far fetched, like realistically I don’t think Eddie is 010.”

A second agreed, writing: “I swear if I see one more god awful Stranger Things ‘theory’ on my fyp again I will punch a hole in my wall. Eddie is not number 10 and Will didn't create the Upside Down. Please just think for a second.”


A third added: “People who think Eddie (Stranger Things) is number 10 are the weakest link.”

Regardless, with volume 2 being released on 1 July, this is definitely an interesting theory to bear in mind.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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Emma Guinness
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