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Selling Sunset Fans Can't Stop Crying Over Amanza's Son's 'Heartbreaking' Joke

Selling Sunset Fans Can't Stop Crying Over Amanza's Son's 'Heartbreaking' Joke

Season 4 has looked at how Amanza's children's father has been absent from their lives.

While most of the chatter about season four of Selling Sunset has been about Christine Quinn, viewers have also been getting very emotional over Amanza Smith's storyline in the show.

Season four looks more into the impact of Amanza's ex-husband's disappearance, former NFL player Ralph Brown, has had on on both her and their two children.

Amanza mentions a 'joke' that her son, 10-year-old Braker, made about the difference between his father and a boomerang being that a "boomerang comes back", leaving viewers in tears.

Amanza's son, Braker, compared his father to a boomerang, saying that the difference is that a boomerang comes back (
Instagram/Amanza Smith)

In episode eight of the fourth series, 'The Truth Hurts', Amanza goes over to co-star Mary Fitzgerald's house to recount how a meeting with her attorney went.

In the meeting, she found out that in November 2019, her ex-husband signed over legal rights to his children, giving Amanza sole custody. She found this out after wanting to find out where he is and filing for full custody in June 2021 after claiming to not have received a single child support payment from Ralph in five years, and neither her or their children seeing him since 2019 when she dropped the kids off at school.

Amanza says she last saw the children's father back in 2019 (
Instagram/Amanza Smith)

Amanza then talks to Mary about how her children's "little brains aren't going to know how much hope they're holding onto until they hear that Daddy's not coming back".

She goes on to say: "Braker jokes it off. Remember he came in and joked 'what's the difference between a boomerang and my dad?'"

To which, Mary recalled: "A boomerang comes back".

Amanza went on to explain: "So somebody else might hear that and think, 'Oh at least, he's got a sense of humour and he can...', it's a survival mechanism."

Amanza joined Selling Sunset in the second season and is back in the fourth (

One viewer shared on Twitter: "#SellingSunset has made me cry twice now 1. Christine saying the doctors told her husband to choose who to save during delivery: her or the baby. 2. Amanza’s son saying “What’s the difference between a boomerang and my dad? …A boomerang comes back”.

To which another user replied: "Ugh. All Amanza’s scenes have me on the verge of tears. Just reading this now has me trying not to cry. They’ve been through so much."

Another Selling Sunset fan tweeted: "Honestly Amanza's BD storyline in Selling Sunset is actually so upsetting. When she was talking about the 'joke' her son made 😭😭"

Amanza had a difficult time in season four of Selling Sunset (

Viewers were sending their well wishes to Amanza's family: "This joke from Amanza’s son. Heartbreaking. I need them to have nothing but success and happiness going forward."

Some also noted the stark contrast with the other story lines of season four: "All the other girls are kiki’ing and talking about their love lives and Amanza’s kids are going through trauma in real time".

We're sending our best to Amanza and her children.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram Amanza Smith

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