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Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence reveals reunion movie is 'inevitable'

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence reveals reunion movie is 'inevitable'

The cult TV sitcom came to an end in 2010, but it looks like a return to the Sacred Heart Hospital is on the cards for the Scrubs gang

Bill Lawrence, the creator of the critically-acclaimed TV show Scrubs, has said that a reunion movie is 'inevitable'.

The classic sitcom followed the lives of trainee doctors and nurses at the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital.

It was originally aired on the US network NBC in 2001 and moved across to ABC in 2009.

But scores of fans were left devastated when it finally departed from TV screens in 2010.


But it's sounding like fans are finally in luck.

“I think it’s inevitable that it [a Scrubs movie] happens,” Lawrence told Variety in a recent interview while promoting Apple TV+’s Shrinking.

“In the greatest way, the cast of that show and the writers are so good that they’re all working.

"And the main reason to do something like that isn’t the work, it’s because we actually love hanging out,” he enthused.

“We’re going to do it because we’re lucky enough people care,” he said. “If you’re lucky enough to be able to work with the people you love, run to it.”

The Emmy award-winning TV show's beloved cast and crew are often spotted spending time together.

Last June, Lawrence uploaded an Instagram photo of the guys and girls having dinner and drinks during the ATV Television Festival.

The industry veteran commented, "Great night. Grateful for these folks. Grateful to the people who still watch. I'm drinking a candle.

"The joke of it with us is the first time that six months go by that we don’t hang out, we’ll end up doing a ‘Scrubs’ reunion,” Lawrence explained.

Bill Lawrence teased fans with a snapshot from a Scrubs reunion in June 2022
Bill Lawrence teased fans with a snapshot from a Scrubs reunion in June 2022

It's far from the first time the show's team have hinted at a possible reunion.

In summer 2022, star Donald Faison – who played Dr Chris Turk in the sitcom – shared, “I think we all want it. We all would love to work together again. It’s just that it’s really hard. It can’t be a full season of a show – it would have to be a movie or something like that, where you could only give a couple of months to it. Everyone is doing things.”

The hit TV sitcom followed the adventures of Dr John Michael "J.D." Dorian and colleagues.

The cast attended a star-studded panel at the 2018 Vulture Festival at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Lawrence told reporters: "I would do anything to get to work with not only this group [but the entire crew] again... it was the best time in my life."

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