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Love Island Viewers In Floods Over Paige's One Wish From Jacques'

Love Island Viewers In Floods Over Paige's One Wish From Jacques'

The islander was very upset that her partner Jacques wasn't bothered that Jay showed her interest...

Love Island viewers have had their heartstrings pulled by Paige in tonight's emotional episode.

She was very upset that her current partner Jacques didn't reassure her about their connection in light of Jay expressing an interest in her. Watch below:

She said that she just wanted some reassurance as her efforts are currently focused on Jacques, and as a result, she's not currently interested in Jay.

"You either have all of my energy or you have none of it," she cried.

Reacting to the footage of Paige crying, one viewer wrote: "JAQUES. YOU BETTER START REASSURING MY GIRL OR ITS GONNA GET VIOLENT [sic]."

"Protect Paige at all cost," remarked a second viewer.

Quoting Davide, a third viewer added: "Jacques you've made Paige cry 'GETDAFU**OUT'."

A fourth viewer, empathising with Paige, agreed that Jacques' acted like he didn't care about her.

They wrote: "'Yeah sweet crack on' LOOOL Jacques does not care for Paige wow [sic]."

A fifth added: "Jacques not even caring that Jay wants to crack on with Paige and instead getting mad at Ekin Su for being upset with Jay?? Yeah he's not it, Paige deserves better actually [sic]."

"Paige crying over Jacques?" questioned a sixth viewer. "The guy is the biggest game player there."

A seventh advised: "Paige shouldn't you be crying over the fact that you're coupled up with someone who takes every chance at insulting women who don't concern him??? Or?!! Run from him babes run [sic]."

Meanwhile, an eighth speculated: "The way that Paige is crying makes me believe her and Jacques did bits in the hide away that's probably why she’s upset [sic]."

Other fans, meanwhile, took umbrage with the fact that the boys expressed their intentions with Paige to each other before deciding to consult her on the matter.

One wrote: "They're just bartering Paige like she's antique… Nobody has involved Paige in this weird transaction. What if Paige didn’t want to speak to Jay? [sic]"

"Does Paige get a say in any of this?" questioned a second.

Paige went on to reveal that she was uncomfortable at the thought of getting to know Jay because it would feel like cheating.

Indiyah, however, managed to convince her to get to know Jay, and the pair agreed that Jacques would get to know another girl if he was in her shoes.

"Keep it light. Keep it flirty," she said of what she wants Jay to do in getting to know her.

"I'd be stupid to cut myself off so early on," she admitted.

Love Island continues tomorrow on ITV2 at 9 pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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