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Netflix viewers are calling new must watch series The Diplomat 'the West Wing but better'

Netflix viewers are calling new must watch series The Diplomat 'the West Wing but better'

Fans have given The Diplomat their vote, as the Netflix series has quickly become the most-watched TV series on the platform.

With an endless stream of content to watch on Netflix, it can be hard to pick a really good series to binge-watch.

However, the streaming giant has just released a new political thriller with an all-star cast including Golden Globe winning actor Keri Russell.

If that isn’t enough to tempt you, fans of The Diplomat have even called it ‘The West Wing but better’. Check it out:

The eight-part series follows hardened career diplomat Kate Wyler (Russell) as she struggles to acclimatise to life across the pond during an international crisis.

Having switched the White House for Downing Street, Wyler is appointed as the new US Ambassador to the United Kingdom and must rapidly build political alliances.

Thrust into a position of power she never wanted, Wyler now must broker a fragile peace between some of the world's richest nations all whilst being overshadowed by her husband, fellow diplomat Hal Wyler (Rufus Sewell).

It seems thought that it’s not just the political landscape that is in crisis though, as the Wylers battle to save their marriage despite being professional peacekeepers.

The Netflix drama has quickly become the most streamed show on the site.

Political, tense and often brutally funny, The Diplomat is the perfect antidote for those who were addicted to shows like The Night Manager and Succession.

Fans have been raving about the show on social media too, with one Facebook user calling in it ‘the West Wing but better’.

Speaking about the Netflix series, they gushed about Russell’s character and showrunner Deborah Cahn’s writing in a lengthy post online.

“It's so good - like The West Wing but BETTER. All the sharp, brilliant characters are WOMEN, headed by Keri Russell, who can’t bear heels and wants everything she wears to have pockets,” they wrote, adding: “Deborah Cahn, thank you, I’ve been waiting a long time for this show.”

Others agreed and the show has quickly become the most streamed show on Netflix, with many praising Russell's performance in the taut series.

Golden Globe winner Keri Russell has been praised for her performance.

“I am totally enjoying this show, Kerri Russell is fabulous as always," added another user, saying: “I love the seriousness and then the realistic one liners that just make you laugh out loud.

"I feels it has wit and complicated people in complicated relationships that need to be explored.”

Some fans suggested it was better than Netflix’s other political thrillers, with one excitedly writing: “One of the smartest Netflix series I've seen in years, it's The Night Agent on steroids. Just a heads up… I highly recommend.”

A female-focused political drama eh? We guess The Diplomat gets our vote.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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