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New crime thriller based on shocking true story just landed on Netflix today

New crime thriller based on shocking true story just landed on Netflix today

The chilling new thriller is based on a real serial killer

A brand-new crime thriller has landed on Netflix - centered on the true-life serial killer who is responsible for dozens of deaths. You can check out the trailer here:

The Good Nurse centres on nurse Amy Loughren (played by Jessica Chastain) who notices a series of suspicious deaths at the hospital she works at and helps investigators make a case after the chief suspect is revealed to be her friend and colleague Charles Cullen (played by Eddie Redmayne).

Alongside Chastain and Redmayne, The Good Nurse also stars Nnamdi Asomugha and Noah Emmerich.

An official synopsis from Netflix reads: “An overburdened ICU nurse leans on her selfless new colleague at work and at home — until a patient's unexpected death casts him in a suspicious light.”

The dark thriller is made all the more chilling as it’s based on real-life events surrounding serial killer Cullen, who confessed to killing up to 40 patients during his 16-year career as a nurse in numerous hospitals across the US; but experts believe he may have actually killed hundreds.

The Good Nurse stars Jessica Chastain.

Cullen was eventually caught in 2003 and is now serving life in prison in New Jersey.

Chastain’s character Amy is also based upon a real person, with the Hollywood star praising the nurse for her courage and strength during the situation.

In an interview with Sky News, Chastain said: "All the things that she was juggling at the time - you know, being a single mother to two girls, not having health insurance, working on a night shift so you're not really getting proper sleep, and also at the same time she needed a heart transplant.

"That's what we walk in with at the beginning of this film and then realise, I mean, without giving any spoilers away, what she then stumbles into is quite shocking."

The Good Nurse is based on true events.

While the real-life Amy said it gave her a sense of pride to see her story played out on the big screen.

"The thing that they don't show in the film was that I was actually much more sick and I was terrified, truly terrified of leaving my two girls behind," she told Sky News.

"And I was also directing a play at that time - I was directing my daughter's sixth-grade play. I was exhausted and I still showed up.

"Watching Jessica play me, I allowed myself to feel proud of myself for showing up."

The Good Nurse is streaming on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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